Executive Board

Consisting of accomplished business leaders, the Executive Board at FIU Business advises the college’s dean and senior administration on strategy and vision on entrepreneurship, and champions the college locally, nationally and internationally.

The Executive Board supports the vision and mission of FIU Business, which are:


To be an internationally recognized leader in global entrepreneurship, business education, scholarly excellence, and collaborative global community engagement.


To serve our diverse student and alumni population; our multicultural business community; and the global community of scholars by advancing business knowledge and sharing expertise:

We prepare our students to succeed as responsible business professionals, leaders, and global citizens in a dynamic, technology-driven business climate – creating a growing legacy for our alumni.

We energize the business community through professional education, collaboration, and research – building competitive advantage for Greater Miami industries, and providing qualified graduates for global, regional and local corporations.

We enrich the academic community through innovative research – nurturing our faculty's intellectual growth and developing the talents of exceptional future scholars and leaders.

The Board