Anna Pietraszek

Anna Pietraszek

Director of Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, Member of Executive Board

Phone: 305-348-2595


Anna Pietraszek, Ph.D., serves as the Director of the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center at the College of Business at Florida International University. In her role, she drives the growth and impact of the Center, builds partnerships, and creates an environment that fosters innovation and business success. Anna is committed to creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and is passionate about fostering innovation and supporting student entrepreneurs in their journey to build successful businesses and careers.

Anna is Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Marketing and Logistics at the College of Business at Florida International University, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses being the combination of marketing concepts, social media strategies, effective global management tactics, market segmentation, entrepreneurial skills combined with the professional development and personal brand image necessary for students to excel in their professional and career goals. Anna co-designed and co-created two experiential learning programs: the Luxury Incubator Project for the MBA Program and Experiential Immersion by Deepak Ohri Program in Thailand for the Faculty Professional Development Program. The International Hospitality Institute named Anna among the Top 100 Most Powerful People in USA Hospitality for 2022 and the 30 Most Influential Educators for 2023, recognizing her as a change-maker and influencer.