Center For International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

The global international business landscape is dramatically changing, with much trade now occurring directly between emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia. FIU’s strong expertise, connections, and programs prepare the university to train U.S. students to operate in this new world environment, and not be bypassed. FIU’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) offers more than 50 supporting activities focusing on three key themes to further these efforts. These areas represent the principal skills and opportunities that will help bring the Miami-Dade community to the frontline of international trade and competitiveness.

  • Multicultural and multilingual
  • Sustainability through Innovation
  • Student Intercultural Proficiency and Competitiveness

The FIU Business CIBER addresses these themes through four main objectives:

  • Preparation of Global Professionals and Citizens
  • Linking Internal and External Resources for Global Curriculum Impact
  • Creating Sustainable Links between Learning and International Opportunities
  • Supporting Locally Engaged and Globally Impactful International Business Research

Explore this website to see how the FIU CIBER can help the community develop its global competitiveness through opportunities for students, faculty and community members.

Some of our more recognized programs are the K-12 Language for Business Conferences, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Initiatives, Business Study Abroad and Internship Scholarships, and the Faculty and Doctoral Research Awards. We have monthly webinars and events for you to check out!

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Incredibly excited to be participating in business summer program at Summer Programmes Girton College University of Cambridge. Thank you Center for International Business Education and Research for the support to get here. Ready to make the most of it.

Tommy Ríos, FIU International Business Student (2023)

My first COIL collaboration with the University of Genova was a Supply Chain course in the fall of 2022. It was a wonderful experience for the two faculties, FIU students, and the Italian students. In addition to developing strong cross-cultural links among all the students, intercultural activities were also developed. To internationalize education by exposing kids to many cultures, I wholeheartedly endorse this concept.

Dr. Ron Mesia, ATeaching Supply Chain Professor, FIU (2022)

Great opportunity with FDIB Program, we went to Singapore and the Philippines to review the resilience of ASEAN. Visiting multiple locations including Deloitte Southeast Asia, Singapore Tourism Board, US Embassy Singapore, Philippine Stock Exchange, and many other businesses to engage, learn and build relationships, and their dedication to sustainability and community.

Deatra Riley, DBA, Assistant Professor. Broward College. (2023)