Faculty Resources

  • GMCC Trade Mission and Consular Collaboration/U.S. Department of Commerce

    The FIU CIBER will continue to partner with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce or the U.S. Department of Commerce on international trade missions. The FIU CIBER sponsors one to two students or faculty members for a total of $2,500. On these trade missions, students and faculty observe and engage in business-to-business matchmaking and international trade development first-hand.

  • NASBITE International Membership

    The annual NASBITE Annual International Conference brings together 250+ educators, service providers, business counselors, and government officials to advance trade practice, education, and outreach. Co-sponsorship provides access to a network of potential collaborators, the NASBITE Student Pathways program, website promotion of CIBE events, and a special CIBE-focused panel presentation. NASBITE provides competency training, certification, and benchmarking for competencies in global commerce, and leverages its members’ international trade expertise. NASBITE also promotes interaction with its trade professionals, including federal, state, and local business assistance organizations. The FIU CIBER will provide annually the NASBITE Institutional Membership, which provides all faculty and staff access to the tools and resources available through NASBITE, and conference co-sponsorship.

  • COIL Business Faculty Fellow

    Each grant year, the FIU CIBER appoints one faculty fellow with a $3,000 stipend to mentor, encourage, and train other faculty members in COIL. In continuation of this, FIU’s IB department designates multiple sections of at least two core courses (International Business and International Negotiations) that incorporate COIL to ensure that FIU IB students are receiving access to transformative international opportunities. Faculty fellows are responsible for recruiting, training, and partnering with international faculty to COIL.

  • COIL Virtual Exchange Leadership Institute

    The COIL Virtual Exchange Institute is a six-week annual event that assembles leadership teams from U.S. and international higher education institutions to integrate Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) into their curricula and internationalization plans. Each grant year, the FIU CIBER covers the registration fee of $1,200 for one team from a CC, HBCU or MSI.

  • National COIL Training and Matchmaking Network

    In collaboration with San Diego State University, Ohio State University, and the University of Maryland, the FIU CIBER supports initiatives to train business faculty to successfully implement COIL modules, including pedagogical techniques and cross-cultural virtual-teaming best practices. This collaborative effort harnesses the expertise of each of the founding institutions for nationwide impact.

  • Florida Consortium for International Education (FCIE)

    The Florida Consortium for International Education (FCIE) exists to promote international and intercultural education in Florida’s higher education institutions. In 1977, leaders of several state community colleges and universities joined together to assist in developing collaborative study abroad and exchange programs and offer smaller colleges greater flexibility and more efficient use of limited resources. FIU’s membership not only allows us to further support international education and intercultural learning among faculty and students, but it also allows us to join forces with more than 19 schools across the large state of Florida and connect them with valuable CIBER resources.

  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Initiatives

    COIL courses are embedded within the curriculum and participating students gain access to the world and its diversity without incurring additional costs. COIL participants build intercultural communication, virtual teamwork, and critical thinking skills—key competencies for effective global citizenship and employment. The FIU CIBER and OGI assist faculty by arranging collaborations with our international partners. Each grant year, the FIU CIBER supports three or more faculty members with a course development stipend of up to $3,000 per course, which can be used to cover any costs related to their COIL.

  • College-Level Languages for Business Courses

    FIU Business works with the Department of Modern Languages to offer languages for business for the FIU and local community college student population, including online/hybrid course options. This sustainable initiative expands the offerings of business language study to additional populations both within and external to FIU. This guarantees that FIU students have the opportunity to take these courses every year which would not be offered otherwise.