Program Details

The FIU DBA program is a rigorous educational opportunity provided by leading academic researchers within the field of business administration. Our program is offered at FIU Downtown on Brickell, an epicenter of international business. Students in the DBA program will learn to apply advanced business theory, analytics, and finely-honed research and quantitative skills.

  • Non-resident program
  • Hybrid face-to-face and online education
  • 75 credit hours
  • 3 year curriculum
  • Flexibility combining your work, family and intellectual pursuits

Upon completion of the DBA program, executives will possess top-level understanding of the unique challenges facing both the public and private business sectors in today’s marketplace.

This is not another step in your career path. The FIU DBA is the launch pad for executives and business leaders to lead change initiatives and transform their field of business.

DBA Program Brochure

DBA Policies and Procedures Manual

Is a DBA or PhD best for you?

Prospective students often ask us about the differences between the FIU DBA and Ph.D. degrees. The table below shows the key similarities and differences between the programs.




Master’s degree required



GMAT required



Work experience

10 or more years of relevant work experience

None required

Continue working full time while studying



Program focus

Applied theory

Development of theory


3 years

4 -7 years

Financial Aid available






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