FIU Business students have several pathways and real-world experiential opportunities to immerse themselves in the business analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) worlds. Whether through a class, extracurricular activity or engagement with our industry partners through the ATOM Think Tank or the Association of Information Systems Student Chapter, students are able to apply business analytics and artificial intelligence technologies that leading companies, use to innovate and solve real business problems.


  • Undergraduate AI and Analytics Courses
    • ISM 3230 – Business Application Programming (Introduction to Python for Business Analytics and AI)
    • ISM 4421 – Artificial Intelligence for Business
    • ISM 4211 – Database Systems and Physical Design
    • ISM 4400 – Managerial Information Analysis
    • ISM 4402 – Business Intelligence and Reporting
    • ISM 4420 – Business Analytics
    • ISM 4210 – Data Base Applications
    • MAR 4674 – Marketing Analytics
  • Integration Across Undergraduate Curriculum - Required Undergraduate Courses
    • ISM 3011 – Introduction to Information Systems Management
    • QMB 3200 – Business Statistics and Analysis I
    • QMB 4680 – Business Statistics and Analysis II
  • Graduate AI and Analytics Courses
    • ISM 6138 – Artificial Intelligence Strategy
    • ISM 6205 – Database Management
    • QMB 6357 – Business Statistical Analysis
    • ISM 6208 – Data Warehousing
    • ISM 6404 – Business Data Visualization and Reporting
    • QMB 6603 – Analyzing and Leveraging Transactional Data
    • ISM 6136 – Business Analytics Applications
    • ISM 6217 – Data Management, Strategy and Governance
    • ISM 6XXX – Business Analytics Capstone
    • ISM 6444 – Python Fundamentals for Business Analytics
    • QMB 6315 – Quantitative Analytical Methods in Business
    • ISM 6418 – Business Data Exploration and Visualization
    • ISM 6442 – Machine Learning for Business Applications
    • FIN 6596 – Machine Learning Applications in Finance
    • FIN 6779 – Big Data and Analytics for Finance
    • HIM 6682 – Quality and Outcome Analytics
    • HIM 6628 – Healthcare Data Visualization
    • HIM 6858 – Health Informatics and Analytics Practicum
    • SCM 6202 – Logistics Systems and Analytics
    • MAN 6316 – Human Resource Analytics
  • Integration Across MBA Graduate Curriculum
    • ISM 6021 – Management of Information Systems

ATOM Think Tank

Directed towards experiential education in technology and research, ATOM pursues industry cooperation and business partnerships to provide students with real-world experience that helps to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice. The ATOM Pink Tank is a leadership program for women in STEM where participants use business analytics to identify solutions for gender based challenges. ATOM supports the AIS Student Chapter which has received the top three spots in AI and business analytics challenges since 2018.

Faculty Research

Min Chen

Chen, M., Tan, X., & Padman, R. (2023). A Machine Learning Approach to Support Urgent Stroke Triage Using Administrative Data and Social Determinants of Health at Hospital Presentation: Retrospective Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Lina Bouayad

Bouayad, L., Padmanabhan, B., & Chari, K. (2019). Audit Policies Under the Sentinel Effect: Deterrence-Driven Algorithms. INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH, 30 (null).

Singh, V. K., Shrivastava, U., Bouayad, L., Padmanabhan, B., Ialynytchev, A., & Schultz, S. K. (2018). Machine learning for psychiatric patient triaging: an investigation of cascading classifiers. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL INFORMATICS ASSOCIATION, 25 (null).

Pouyan Esmaeil Zadeh and Tala Mirzaei

Esmaeil Zadeh, P., Mirzaei, T., & Dharanikota, S. (2021). Patients' perceptions toward human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) interaction in health care: Experimental study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 23 (11).