Why Study With Us?

There are many quality business schools –but few can match the depth and breadth our programs offer you. Here’s why we may be your best choice:

You’re serious about adding international expertise.

Interact with global business leaders in your classrooms and hallways as teachers, guest lecturers, advisors and mentors; during field trips and at business events. Collaborate with students from cultures around the world. Discover highly-specialized international business programs: our undergraduate International Business Honors program, International MBA and Master of International Business. Explore extensive study-abroad experiences.

You want to be where the world does business.

Welcome to Miami: Gateway to the Americas. Immerse yourself in one of the most dynamic global business communities in the U.S. – home to 1,000+ multinational company headquarters or divisions - with powerful business presence from Latin America; the Caribbean; Asia and Europe; a thriving international financial district; and influential government agencies.

You want to learn from the best.

Many FIU business programs are among the highest ranked nationwide, providing the competitive edge you seek. In 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked our undergraduate international business program No. 2 in the nation and in 2022, ranked our international MBA program No. 5 in the nation. Learn from faculty with exceptional knowledge; practical business expertise; and enormous cultural diversity.

You intend to launch your own company.

More than 20% of our 70,000 alumni have. We’ve developed thousands of successful entrepreneurs with leadership and team-building; interactive classrooms; professional seminars; and civic engagement initiatives. Whether you’re earning a degree or stretching your capabilities through an executive program, you’re in the right place for self-made success.

You want it all – at reasonable tuition rates.

Earn a fully-accredited, highly-competitive business education at affordable rates. Rather than burden yourself with years of stressful debt, FIU assures you an exceptional international business education now –helping you build greater financial freedom after you graduate.

If you seek a top-tier international business education, your smartest business move is choosing the FIU College of Business.

See more reasons why you belong here:

  • Progressive technology

    Benefit from our strategic use of technology.

    Today, technology permeates every aspect of business. It also permeates every aspect of what we do, from our curriculum content to our instructional delivery.

    • Our programs prepare you to use information technology strategically for a competitive advantage in your chosen discipline and career.
    • Our campuses have a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. You study in a wireless environment and multimedia classrooms that enhance teaching and learning.
    • Our course delivery systems, from web-assisted and technology-mediated instruction in a traditional classroom to coursework over the Internet, capitalize on technology-facilitated learning.

    Use our technology to open more opportunities.

    If your work schedule, distance from campus, or other constraints make it difficult for you to participate in a traditional classroom setting, you can take advantage of virtual learning options at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These allow you to take courses any time and anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you'd like to combine face-to-face instruction with FIU Online, we have the right courses for you.

    For highly motivated and disciplined undergraduates, we also offer a fully-online Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in international business, management, management information systems and finance. Our exceptional information resources, coupled with superior support from our technical staff, have made virtual learning increasingly popular with our students. Today, more than 20 percent of our students take courses online.

  • Active civic engagement

    Learn through serving.

    Through projects that highlight the importance of sharing, community, and reciprocity, our Civic Engagement Initiative helps build closer ties between the campus community and the varied neighborhoods of Greater Miami. Collaborating with faculty and your fellow students, you'll put your business and managerial skills to work confronting community problems and challenges.

    For example, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, a partnership with the Internal Revenue Service, local tax firms, and Miami-Dade County, helps low-income earners complete tax returns. The Miami Benefit Club connects students with local business professionals to work at Habitat for Humanity, with the city of Miami's Neighborhood Enhancement Teams, and elsewhere. Other opportunities include outreach to promising high-school students in low-income areas, preparing them for the path to higher education.

    Take a step to leadership.

    These service opportunities aren't just offered as an aside. They're tied into our curriculum—in management, accounting, and real estate courses, and in a Service Learning course that is the only business school course in the country dedicated entirely to this subject.

    The rewards—business, social, and academic—you'll reap from civic involvement will prepare you for leadership responsibilities throughout your career. The personal benefits are immeasurable.

  • Career services excellence

    Career Expertise at Your Service

    Starting your first semester? Counting down the final weeks to graduation? We’re here to support you throughout every step of your degree program – and well beyond graduation. Our team also works closely with parents; faculty members; and national and international employers seeking top business talent.

    Discover our wide range of professional guidance and services:

    Welcoming new students
    Why wait until you’re nearing graduation to reach out? Visit us at the start of your FIU journey to get the full benefit from Career Services. We’ll help make sure you’re headed down the right path, based upon your career goals and what today’s leading employers seek. Discover our services.

    Advising current students and pending graduates
    Leverage our expertise to prepare yourself for the professional world. We’ll help you map out the best plan of action, teach you how to make a great impression in a highly-competitive marketplace; and provide you with the resources you need to pursue promising opportunities. See how we help.

    Supporting alumni
    Seeking a new job or a change in career? We’re ready to assist with whatever you need: career counseling; interviewing tactics; open positions; and many other specialized services. Visit now.

    Providing employers with best-in-class business talent
    As one of the nation’s top business schools, we draw recruiters from Fortune 500s; Big Four accounting firms; global multi-nationals; government agencies and nonprofits. Reach out to us now.

    Career Path

  • Miami culture and lifestyle

    It's the place to be for international business.

    When you study here, you're ideally positioned to immerse yourself in international business. More than 1,000 multinational companies call Miami-Dade County home. A thriving air- and sea-cargo business, as well as undisputed status as the "Cruise Capital of the World" make Miami a global logistics and transportation hub. The county is among the top 10 large metropolitan areas with the strongest projected growth (USA Today, 2003).

    Feel the Latin beat.

    Miami is recognized as the "Best City for Doing Business in Latin America" for the third year in a row (AméricaEconomía, 2005), and Miami International Airport is ranked number one for flights to Latin America and the Caribbean, offering more than all other U.S. airports combined.

    Enjoy the zesty culture and the sunny skies.

    Our Miami location enables you to enjoy the international, urban, and ethnic richness of South Florida's diverse culture. Our tropical weather (with an average January temperature of 68.1 degrees F) means you can enjoy year-round sporting and recreational activities—from boating and water sports to tennis and golf.