Dean's Student Advisory Board

Set the tone for the student body, student leaders, and colleagues for student engagement. The Dean's Student Advisory Board serves as a bridge between the Dean, students, faculty, and staff and develops students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Desired Qualifications

  • Active Student Leader or Active Student Org Member
  • Commitment to the Progress of FIU Business
  • Desire to make a meaningful impact in our college
  • Be a Go-Getter and Team Player
  • Passionate about Student Engagement and Helping Others Succeed
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Ability to bring insight into meaningful conversations and be part of FIU/FIU Business’ strategic plan
  • Able to commit 4-5 hours a week to Dean’s Student Advisory Board Duties
  • Willing to share ideas and work together with Dean’s Student Advisory Board to achieve goals

Minimum Qualifications

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or greater
  • Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate business student (12 hours minimum)
  • Have completed at least one term of academic work at FIU
  • Mission

    Our mission is to develop our students to become the leaders of tomorrow by cultivating relationships, participating in service opportunities and growing extracurricular student engagement involvement.


  • Vision

    Serve as the bridge between FIU Business Dean, students, and faculty/ staff by representing the student body at large and championing progress in our College, University, and beyond.

Meet our members

Meet the current members of the Dean's student advisory board.
Headshot of Carolina Vento

Carolina Vento

Headshot of Margaret Beard

Margaret Beard
Vice President

Headshot of Sofia Nava Marron

Sofia Nava Marron
Head of Operations Committee

Headshot of Thi Thuy Nga Pham

Thi Thuy Nga Pham
Operations Committee Member

Headshot of Eliana Zerga

Eliana Zerga
Operations Committee Member

Headshot of Tori Wilson

Tori Wilson
Operations Committee Member

Headshot of Ernesto Lemus

Ernesto Lemus
Head of Marketing Committee

Angie Lopez

Angie Lopez
Marketing Committee Member

Ishel Zain

Ishel Zain
Marketing Committee Member

Member Duties

  • President
    • Serve as contact point for Dean and Board members: Communicates concerns, opportunities, and initiatives
    • Direct meetings and work with Board members to organize agenda points for all bi-weekly DSAB meetings
    • Work with Vice-President and serve as the main student representatives at town halls, faculty meetings, etc.
    • Oversee and work with Community Outreach & Service Director to zero-in on goals and opportunities for the board and students. Help push initiatives that are timely and part of the board’s overall strategic plan
    • Ensure DSAB members are active and is responsible if further action is needed
  • Vice- President
    • Attend FIU Business events as a representative of the DSAB (with President or in place of President)
    • Work with Operations Director on keeping Board records and taking detailed meeting minutes
    • Assist President by ensuring that board members are active in fulfilling their duties
    • Work with Marketing Director to ensure marketing initiatives are aligned with board goals
    • Shadow President in preparation to replace them after their term is complete
  • Marketing & Communications Director
    • Responsible for Social Media and Engagement plan and content calendar
    • Is abreast of all FIU/ FIU Business events and supports key communication initiatives
    • Actively post, comment, tag, and engage via social media and other platforms
    • Keep DSAB Brand standards and find creative ways to captivate students and community via social media
    • Arranges logistics for content creation, photography, and other marketing needs to keep DSAB at the forefront of student interaction
    • Stays updated on the latest social media trends, best practices, and technology
    • Proactively engages with followers and creates new content based off of engagement numbers
  • Digital Marketing
    • Design and present social media promotions of other student organizations
    • Monitor and manage DSAB’s social media platforms
    • Determine what content will reach the audience to increase social media traffic
  • Community Outreach & Service Director
    • Proactively searching and securing service opportunities for FIU Business student leaders and student body
    • Responsible for galvanizing student organizations and student leaders on common goals set by DSAB
    • Work closely with President on key service opportunities within the college, university, and community
    • Be the board liaison to Business Career Services and the Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors, partner with them and actively seek out collaboration opportunities
    • Support Marketing & Communication efforts by connecting with student org leaders and students to gather information needed to support the marketing plan
  • Operations Director
    • Work closely with Vice-President on board meeting minutes, action items, and board administrative duties
    • Responsible for supporting other Directors with key administrative duties
    • Responsible for DSAB meeting calendar, upkeeping DSAB guides/policies
    • Supports President and Vice President on major decisions regarding onboarding of new members and member separations

Get involved

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact Anezka Martinez Sousa, Senior Executive Assistant, Deans Office.