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Working with FIU Business Career Management Services and our international university partner network linked through the Office of Global Initiatives (OGI), we will provide annual scholarship funding of $20,000 for 4-10 business students to participate in international internships. Individual stipends of $2,000 to $5,000 will support travel and living expenses for a minimum of at least 2-3 weeks. Internships will count for academic credit; students must be enrolled in an internship course. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, complete a statement of purpose, and provide an offer letter from an international company confirming the internship, dates, and position. APPLY by emailing and completing the application through the Office of Study Abroad.

The Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) will administer $10,000 of study abroad scholarships to undergraduate business students annually. Scholarships will range from $1,000 to $2,500 to support short-term and semester‐long international study opportunities through our international partner universities. To complement our students’ deep understanding of Latin America, scholarships will be available for our eight faculty-led study abroad programs offered annually to locations across Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Students should have a 3.0 GPA, complete a statement of purpose, provide one letter of recommendation, and have applied and been accepted into an international student exchange or faculty-led study abroad program. APPLY by emailing and completing the application through the Office of Study Abroad.

Top FIU Business juniors and seniors will experience firsthand the inner workings of one of BMI Financial Group’s international offices in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, or Guatemala during a summer program. Students will work directly with the host office’s president and leadership team, who will mentor and coach students as they tackle real-world business challenges. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, complete a statement of purpose, one letter of recommendation, and be available to spend 2-3 weeks in Latin America during the summer term. APPLY by emailing and completing the application through the COB Business Career Management

FIU Business will work with the Department of Modern Languages to offer Languages for Business for the FIU and local community college student population, including online/hybrid course options. For over 20 years, the Department of Modern Languages has taught Languages for Business on a regular basis. They offer two Spanish for Business courses at different levels totally on line every semester and French, Mandarin, Portuguese and Japanese for business ounce a year. Languages offered will also include Korean and Spanish for Business in Latin America. This sustainable initiative will expand the offerings of business language study to additional populations both within and external to FIU. Students can register in the Languages for Business course offerings through Portuguese for Business - POR 3440; Chinese for Business - CHI 3440; French for Business FRE 2443; Coming soon – Korean for Business, Spanish for Business in Latin America.

In addition to the languages for business courses, FIU Business will offer a business certificate for language students. FIU Business will work with language faculty to develop and add elective projects to language curriculum in areas of IB. By completing an additional project around IB themes in their language course, students would gain knowledge on how to apply language skills in a global business context. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements or email for more information.

FIU has a significant engagement with The Consejo Latinoamericano de Esculeas de Administracion (The Latin-American Council of Business Schools – CLADEA). FIU CIBER will sponsor 1-2 students and 1-2 faculty members to represent FIU at the annual conference presenting research, and to network and engage with leading business schools across the region. This would support exposure for students in the Latin American market. APPLY by emailing with a letter of interest.

FIU Business will provide funding to doctoral students engaged in impactful research in the areas of U.S. competitiveness, international trade and investment, international relations, cross-cultural issues and sustainable enterprise. APPLY by emailing with a letter of interest.

FIU Business partners with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce to sponsor 1-2 students and 1-2 faculty members on their annual international trade missions to China, Japan, and Latin America which focus on international trade development and business matchmaking. APPLY by emailing with a letter of interest.

FIU Business students compete against students from several U.S. and international universities in English and Spanish in an immersive sales experience. This annual FIU Business event is designed to increase students’ exposure to the sales experience. Visit FIU-GBSC.COM for more information and to apply.

This upcoming program will soon be available as part of the course GEB 2935 Professional Skills: Career and Leadership Development (1 credit) and will add an intercultural dimension to the current career readiness course required for all FIU Business students, providing basic intercultural competence skills, and linking these to skills needed in the international workforce. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements.

FIU Business’ Office of Global Initiatives and the Office of Global Learning will host at least two video chats annually that will link FIU students via webcam and video-conferencing software Adobe Connect to students at an international partner university. The discussion jointly moderated by FIU Business and international partner school faculty will engage students from each school to introduce themselves and share information about their campus and programs. Students will then engage in a dialogue on the topic of globalization and global citizenship trends and their impact in the current labor market. Students will receive credit toward the Global Medallion program as well as extra credit in their classes. The event will be open to all FIU students, allowing for interdisciplinary learning and international exposure. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements.

FIU Business administers some 30% of FIU’s study abroad programs through its Office of Global Initiatives (OGI). Undergraduates and graduates can choose from among 40 study abroad or international dual-degree options at key business centers in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North Africa, and Oceania. OGI offers eight faculty-led options annually which take students to places like Shanghai, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Casablanca, and Melbourne and weave together academic knowledge, company visits, and cultural activities. Short Academic Programs range from 8 to 18 days, while Special Summer Programs provide longer periods of study at one of 20 international network schools. Exchange Programs provide for a semester or year abroad at up to 25 international network schools, and a second master’s degree can be earned through a one-year Dual-Degree Program available at 20 different locations. Learn more at the Office of Global Initiatives Website.

FIU CIBER will host a one-day language seminar for business students as well as non-business majors who have taken a language in their program, and will also invite community college student participation. The seminar will introduce language-related intercultural competency skills and IB skills to increase students’ understanding and appreciation of competencies needed by successful global business professionals. Core learning objectives will be measured through pre- and post-assessment. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements.

Be sure to download the FIU BizPass App on your smartphone to stay up to date on upcoming CIBER student events, visiting lectures on International Business, career building opportunities, and international development activities. BizPass is designed for mobile-friendly, app-savvy FIU Business students. A personalized connection to your social, academic and professional events- now on your phone, whenever you need it, wherever you are. And for every event you attend, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for great gifts such as t-shirts, backpacks, tech items and other rewards. BizPass is easy to use. Navigate through a calendar of campus and community events designed just for you– the future business professional. Just scroll through the list of campus and community events and plan your week. Once you’re at an event, scan the QR code or enter the event ID. Points for attending will be added to your BizPass account the next business day.

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