Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

FIU Business is cancelling all upcoming summer programs due to COVID-19 virus policy released by FIU's Office of the Provost. All upcoming international university travel by FIU students for Spring and Summer 2021, including but not limited to faculty-led and third-party study abroad programs, exchange programs, conferences, and field work, is suspended. All upcoming international university travel by FIU faculty and staff is suspended for the next 30 days. As the situation is ongoing please continue to visit FIU's Corona Virus page for updated information.

The global international business landscape is dramatically changing, with much trade now occurring directly between emerging markets such as China and Brazil. FIU’s strong expertise, connections, and programs in both Latin America and Asia ideally prepare the university to train U.S. students to operate in this new world environment, and not be bypassed. To further these efforts, FIU Business, through its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) offers over 50 new/supporting activities focusing on three key themes. These areas represent the principal skills and opportunities that will help bring the Miami-Dade community to the frontline of international trade and competitiveness.

  • Developing an Asia-Pacific – Latin America Bridge
  • Fostering Global Intercultural Fluency
  • Facilitating Interdisciplinary Impact and Connectivity

The FIU Business CIBER will address these themes through four main objectives:

  • Preparing of Global Professionals and Citizens
  • Linking Resources for Curriculum Impact Locally and Globally
  • Creating Sustainable Links between Learning and International Opportunities
  • Supporting Locally Engaged and Globally Impactful Research

Our advisory council is comprised of top international researchers, global professionals, local professional associations and community college representatives. FIU Business is proud to be home to this world-renowned center that will provide an impact locally and globally.

Explore this website to see how the FIU CIBER can help the community develop its global competitiveness through opportunities for students, faculty and community members.

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