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Building upon FIU’s deep experience creating hundreds of impactful global learning courses, FIU-COIL is now utilizing technology to connect students and faculty with their peers across national borders. COIL courses enable intercultural teams to develop meaningful collaborative projects that increase participants’ knowledge and help them better understand other people’s perspectives.

Since COIL courses are embedded within the curriculum, participating students gain access to the world and its diversity without incurring any additional cost. COIL participants build intercultural communication, virtual teamwork, and critical thinking skills— key competencies for effective global citizenship and employment.

FIU Business will sponsor $3,000 to develop up to three courses per year - $1,500 for a faculty course development stipend and $1,500 for faculty or partner travel. These courses will include an international online learning component and will encourage collaboration among faculty members across disciplines at FIU and in collaboration with our international partner schools network. APPLY by email with a letter of interest.

Advancing Sustainability & Strategic Evolution in the Post-Pandemic Era. The Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) South Korea program is a joint collaboration between Loyola Marymount University and Florida International University. The program is designed for educators interested in developing a greater understanding of doing business in Korea and exploring how Korean companies such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG have emerged as global competitors, advanced in sustainability, and strategically evolved post-pandemic. Participants will gain firsthand experience about how South Korea has grown into a trillion-dollar-club economy that ranks the 10th largest in the world and has become a global innovation leader known as the “Miracle of the Han River”. Participants will visit top multinational companies, providing them with an opportunity to interact with executives and senior managers to discuss business in the region. In addition, participants will tour and visit historical sites for cultural experiences. Attendees will also listen to special lectures delivered by local scholars and network with other faculty to explore collaborative curriculum development and research interests.

Dates: May 25 – June 3, 2023
Program fee: $4,000
Deadline to apply: March 31, 2023
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The FDIB India program is for faculty teaching and researching IB issues and wishing to expand their scholarly interests to India. The ten-day program connects professors with senior managers of Indian multinational companies, introduces them to policy makers, and allows them to exchange ideas with leading academic institutions. In today’s world economy, innovation is an essential growth engine and India is a top global player. The annual program will be held every December. APPLY by emailing and completing the application through the FIU CIBER Center. To apply click the flyer below.


This 2-4-week FDIB program will increase business faculty’s proficiency in Spanish for Business, in addition to connecting with local multinational companies that engage in significant trade with the Asia‐Pacific market. The program will also be open to business professionals, and will leverage existing partnerships with highly ranked business schools in Latin America to expose students to local MBA classrooms and customized programs. Participants will be exposed to links between emerging markets in Latin America and Asia-Pacific as well as specialized training in language, cross-cultural understainding and business research. The annual program will be held every July-August. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements or email for more information.

FIU CIBER will support a faculty member from FIU or a partner MSI/HBCU/Community College institution to attend one of the other CIBER network institutions. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements or email for more information.

FIU CIBER will provide annual research awards to fund faculty and doctoral research in international trade, U.S. competitiveness, and new technology internationalization. A particular priority will be placed on funding research that examines business connections between Latin America and Asia, and that involves interdepartmental collaborations. As an award condition, faculty will be required to develop working papers and post them as part of an online FIU CIBER Working Paper Series. APPLY by emailing and completing the application through the FIU CIBER Center.

FIU Business partners with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce to sponsor 1-2 students and 1-2 faculty members on their annual international trade missions to China, Japan and Latin America which focus on international trade development and business matchmaking. APPLY by emailing with a letter of interest.

The CIBE Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) and Community College (CC) Consortium (CMCC) is a consortium of nine universities across the U.S. that are home to the Centers for International Business Education, a Title VI grant provided by the U.S. Department of Education. As a consortium, we act as a resource multiplier in connecting schools across the CIBE network with MSIs and CCs nationwide for the purpose of internationalizing business education, thereby increasing the visibility of and access to innovative development opportunities for faculty, staff and students. The CMCC includes Brigham Young University, Florida International University, George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, San Diego State University, the University of Maryland, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Washington. The CMCC is actively seeking to support faculty, administrators and students at MSIs and CCs across the country who aim to develop capabilities that will expand and strengthen international business education at their respective institutions or increase their own expertise in international business education. The consortium has $90,000 annually to support proposals. Applying individuals must be faculty, administrators or students of an MSI or Community College. Preference will be given to individuals who have not received CIBE-sponsored awards in the previous two years. Applications are considered on a rolling quarterly basis. To be considered, individuals must submit a completed application, letter of support, and a resume or CV. All application materials should be sent in one email message to CMCC at

FIU has a significant engagement with The Consejo Latinoamericano de Esculeas de Administracion (CLADEA). FIU CIBER will support one faculty member and one student to participate in the annual CLADEA Conference, where participants can present current research for feedback and engagement with colleagues. APPLY by emailing with a letter of interest.

FIU Business will offer a seminar series open to FIU faculty across disciplines as well as to local community colleges, beginning with our collaboration with Broward College, to increase the percent of international content in existing courses. The seminar series will link proven methods in our global learning curriculum with our renowned IB curriculum, thus increasing our local academic strength in international academic preparedness. Stay tuned to Upcoming Programs and our Calendar announcements.

CIBER Foreign Language and Business Conferences are a key resource for the business language community. The conferences explore on exploring the juncture between languages and professional skills and is a forum to discuss business language education. All CIBERS sponsor this annually rotating conference, and FIU would support this initiative as a participating CIBER. For more information email

FDIB India

FIU CIBER will provide support an online exchange program in partnership with ANIMA group universities in Brazil.

Each grant year FIU CIBER will appoint one Faculty fellow a stipend who will mentor, encourage, and train other faculty members in COIL. In continuation of this, FIU's IB Department will designate multiple sections of at least two core courses (International Business and International Negotiations) that will incorporate COIL to ensure that FIU IB students are receiving access to transformative international opportunities.

The COIL Virtual Exchange Institute is a six-week annual event which assembles leadership teams from the United States and international higher education institutions to integrate Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) into their curricula and internationalization plans.      

Community Resources

NOBLE works with educations and industry professionals on initiatives that promote real-world connections in the classroom and fosters innovative teaching and learning approaches that prepare students for the global workplace. FIU CIBER’s support for this collaboration across institutions will help NOBLE with curriculum development, support a local teacher to attend the next Language for Special Purpose event, or help NOBLE develop online webinars or workshops for K-12 teachers.

FIU CIBER, Florida SBDC at FIU, and the Pino Center for Entrepreneurship will partner on a series of export-related events for small businesses in Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys. Programs would include Exporting 101, Creating Strategic Growth, Export Finance Options, and a panel by Federal/State export promotion groups. Events will partner with organizations such as Enterprise Florida, Small Business Administration, United States Department of Commerce, Latin American Chamber of Commerce, and Florida Export Finance Corp, Webinars will be open for this interested in attending nationally and will also be recorded and shared.

Women from around South Florida gather for a day of empowerment, networking, and professional development for the annual Power Up Conference created and organized by FIU Business. The conference on International Women’s Day, will feature influential women leaders from diverse industries who will share expert insight on leadership, entrepreneurship, international business, health, and financial wellness.

FIU CIBER will provide support monthly workshops hosted by the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and FIU’s Continuing Education.

FIU has a unique position and opportunity to be a resource center for other MSIs as the largest minority majority institution in the country. We continue to nurture our relationships with institutions such as FAMU, Bethune Cookman University, Florida Memorial University, Broward College, Miami Dade College, and Valencia College. In the future, we will support activities which directly benefit students and faculty such as IB related conferences, faculty development, and curriculum development.

In collaboration with San Diego State University, Ohio State University, and University of Maryland, FIU CIBER will support initiatives to train business faculty to successfully implement COIL modules, including pedagogical techniques and cross-cultural virtual-teaming best practices. This collaborative effort will harness the expertise at each of the founding institutions for nation-wide impact. In year one, each institution will offer COIL workshops for business faculty in their region. In year two, the initiative will expand to include business-language faculty linkages. In years three and four, national training workshops will continue, and the consortium will develop a matchmaking network to connect United States faculty with global partners.

Florida Consortium for International Education (FCIE) exists to promote international and intercultural education in Florida's higher education institutions. In 1977, leaders of several state community colleges and universities joined together to assist in developing collaborative study abroad and exchange programs and offer smaller colleges greater flexibility and more efficient use of limited resources. FIU's membership not only allows us to further support international education and intercultural learning among faculty and students, but it also allows us to join forces with over 19 schools across the large state of Florida and connect them with valuable CIBER resources.

During 2021, FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management along with the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education launched an online Global Sustainable Tourism degree program. FIU CIBER worked very closely with the School of Hospitality and Tourism as well as industry leaders such as the Port of Miami, Carnival Corporation, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau to offer webinars for the community. CIBER’s support would be utilized to offer training and content in the form of webinars, conferences, and research related to tourism and the topic of Global Sustainable Tourism.

FIU will match CIBER funding to support our participation in, and administrative support of, CUIBE. FIU is a founding member of CUIBE, which provides its members with an opportunity to benchmark their programs against other member schools and facilitate sharing of best practices in IB education. 44 CUIBE members currently account for 16 of the 32 ranked IB schools in 2022 U.S. News & World Report's undergraduate IB rankings, where FIU is currently ranked #2.

CIBERWeb is a joint project between all the CIBERs. This online website provides basic information about the legislation that makes CIBER possible, an outline of goals, and a directory of the CIBERs. The website is a resource for visitors to find individual CIBERs, including detailed listings of the lectures, workshops, events, publications, and funding opportunities that are offered.

In continuation of an initiative by FIU’s Department of Modern Languages and Florida Memorial University (HBCU), FIU CIBER will provide for the creation and expansion of inclusive Spanish for business language courses. Courses are tailored to students attending HBCUs. The new iteration would work with other HBCUs to offer this inclusive experience in language learning for business to diverse student populations.

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