International Business

Why should business students study abroad?


Studying abroad has become a key component in the curriculum for international business students to help them understand the economic, political, and cultural factors shaping business in and across countries. These programs have both personal and professional benefits to business students, making it a valuable part of their programs.

How study abroad programs help you professionally

Companies often look to hire graduates who are experienced and comfortable in multicultural settings — especially if they’re working in a role that spearheads international or global initiatives for a company.

Study abroad is an experiential learning opportunity that will help you:

  • gain a better understanding of different leadership, management, and business styles that you cannot experience in your home country;
  • prepare to work with diverse teams;
  • build strong cross-cultural communication skills;
  • familiarize yourself with international standards, laws, and regulations;
  • stand out from other candidates;
  • open doors to career opportunities in other countries; and
  • enhance your professional network outside of your home country

How study abroad programs help you personally

Cross-cultural awareness affects more than just your career. Aside from developing professional skills, this is an exciting opportunity that will change you on a personal level.

Some of these benefits include:

  • exposure to a new culture, letting you gain a different and unique worldview;
  • diversifying your thoughts and values;
  • helping you to be more open-minded;
  • teaching you to respect other cultures, values, and norms;
  • building your confidence as you experience the unknown on your own; and
  • allowing you to practice a new language.

Key takeaways

Traveling enriches both your professional and personal life, developing the necessary communication skills that will affect every relationship in your life and changing your perspective about the world. If you are interested in pursuing a Master of International Business, we encourage you to seek out programs that offer study abroad.

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