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The top 10 ways of acing the MBA admission interview

If you’ve secured an MBA admission interview, congratulations! You have shown some real potential and are one step closer to starting an exciting journey as a graduate student.

The MBA admission interview is an essential part of the application process. Admission teams are tasked with finding candidates that will not only succeed in the program environment but will provide enriching interactions and bring their first-hand experiences to the cohort - adding that extra value that makes MBA programs so unique.

Here are 10 ways to ace your interview straight from the FIU Professional MBA admissions team: 

1. A prior re-read of your application is a good idea.

Consider what points in the application you want to emphasize or what points might not otherwise get sufficient attention.

2. Be on time.

Being punctual matters, especially in the business world. Being on time conveys far more than just a good sense of timing. It tells people that you’re on top of things, that you’re organized, that you can be counted on, that you value them, and, ultimately, that you value yourself.

3. Dressing the part doesn’t hurt.

Business attire is not only appropriate but a good confidence builder.

4. Prepare a list of questions.

The interview is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about the program, thus showing those traits of preparation and curiosity that make for a successful MBA student. 

You are going to be asking and answering a lot of questions as an MBA student. Here is an opportunity to show you have done your homework and know how to ask smart questions.

5. Avoid asking questions that you can easily answer on your own or by reading through the school’s website.

A good alternative approach is to ask about the school culture or learning environment.  

6. Use the interview to show how you handle relationships.

Attending a professional degree program is very much about relationships. Using the interview to show how you handle relationships and why you will make a significant contribution to the education and advancement of your MBA cohort.

7. Explain blemishes in your application.

If you were out of work or took a year off from college, let us know why. If you didn’t do well in quantitative courses, this would be a good time to talk about your math abilities. 

8. Remember the importance of body language and making eye contact.

In a face-to-face AND online interview, you will be evaluated on the quality of your responses as well as your ability to communicate verbally.

9. Prepare to talk philanthropy.

If you volunteer for a community organization and have a passion for social/global issues, please tell us about it. Our goal is to help students advance their careers and contribute to the greater good.

10. Relax, be yourself, and smile.

In the end, the team wants to get to know you as a person. It should feel like a natural conversation. After all your thoughtful preparation, give yourself permission to be present and enjoy the experience.

Good luck!