International Business

5 reasons why you should study international business


1. It’s unavoidable: business is going international.

Most Fortune 500 companies have operations all around the world – all of them have international customers. In a survey conducted by USForex, about 58% of small businesses already had international customers, with 72% planning on growing their customer base in the coming years.

2. Going international greatly benefits any business.

Some of the benefits of business going international are:

  1. broadening a customer base,
  2. seeing a significant increase in revenues,
  3. having a longer product lifespan,
  4. benefiting from currency exchange fluctuations, and
  5. gaining access to a greater talent pool from which you can employ.

By specializing in international business, you’ll play a critical role in the exciting journey of expansion for a company.

3. You’ll have a competitive edge over other prospects.

Working across countries and cultures is a necessity for the survival of most organizations. Whether you dream of working abroad or working in an organization that is engaged in business on a global scale, having an international perspective to business gives you a competitive edge in today’s workforce. These skills and business knowledge aren’t only necessary for senior managers, but employees on all levels and from every department.

International business education is growing and offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For example, at FIU the 12-month Master of International Business program tackles topics including:

  1. The fundamentals of international business and why it exists
  2. International trade
  3. Foreign investments
  4. Political order and relations
  5. Foreign policy
  6. Sociology
  7. Management
  8. Global start-ups
  9. International strategy and business model formulation

This curriculum prepares you to take on a key role in a business that will compete in the global business arena. You’ll work on improving performance while managing the ever-changing challenges of global markets.

4. International business programs prepare you to pursue lucrative roles with a high-paying salary.

There are a variety of careers that need an internationally-focused education: trading specialists, policy advisors, business analysts, and others. These roles report an average annual salary ranging from $80,000 to $125,000.

5. You’ll have the option of traveling all around the world.

Your interest in international business will take you around the world — from your studies to your new roles at work. Studying abroad is common among international business programs to prepare you to work with different cultures and leadership styles. After that, depending on the career you pursue, you’ll find yourself with the ability to travel to Europe, Latin America, Asia and other regions around the world for business.

Key takeaways

International education can open doors to exciting and new opportunities that are otherwise harder to achieve with regular business education. You’ll be an asset to any company in any industry, providing much-needed knowledge and skills to take a business to another level. The higher salary isn’t the only great return on investment, but so is the ability to travel and interact with people from different parts of the world. 

If you’re considering earning a Master of International Business degree, join us for an information session online or in person.