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Business Analytics

Organizations are capturing more data than ever. Today’s business managers and leaders must develop a data mindset and strengthen their analytical skills to interpret and communicate data to make data-driven decisions. FIU Executive Education’s Online Business Analytics Certificate Program will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to turn abstract data into meaningful information, predict consumer behavior and forecast revenue for any business.

Change Management

Don’t simply envision the future, help make it a reality. From digital transformation to new evolving business models, organizations increasingly find the need to transform themselves. This Change Management Certificate Program will empower you with the skills and techniques essential to managing those and other organizational changes. Learn to remove obstacles, empower others to act on a vision and institutionalize innovation and new approaches.

Business Model Design & Innovation

Business Model Design & Innovation This program is offered only to Organizations & Groups. Designed to help create a culture of innovation within an organization, this dynamic certificate program helps organizational leaders tackle the challenge of foreseeing consumer needs and trends in a post-pandemic world. Delivered to groups and organizations on a customized schedule, the program teaches how business configurations impact innovation, as well as tactics to promote business-model innovation.

Digital Transformation & Innovation

This program is offered only to Organizations & Groups. Digital transformation has become an essential element of business strategy, at the same time enabling innovations, efficiencies, new products, new business models and more. This engaging certificate program is designed to help non-technical business leaders to align strategy and digital transformation, make decisions and manage project teams that are bringing about much-needed change in their organizations.

Finance Innovation & Technology

This program is offered only to Organizations & Groups. From crypto currencies and blockchain to new payment systems, financial innovation is creating a new economy – and revolutionizing how the world does business. This powerful certificate program helps organizational and business leaders understand fundamentals of these new technological trends and how they will impact their organizations. The goal is not to simply understand new financial technologies, but to get ahead of the changes and create competitive advantages.

Strategic Thinking in the Digital Age

This program is offered only to Organizations & Groups. The increasing disruption experienced by all companies and sectors due to the convergence of global megatrends, rapid technological change, and constant business innovation means that even great business models do not last forever. This active workshop will enable participants to learn how to integrate strategic thinking, business model innovation, and digital technologies to create innovative business models in the digital era.

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