Digital Ad Expert (DAE) Program

A partnership between the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center and Aleph, an ecosystem of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that enables the growth of digital marketing, brings an opportunity for FIU students to enroll in the Digital Ad Expert (DAE) program.

The partnership signifies the commitment of both Aleph and FIU to provide students with opportunities to learn the latest in field of digital advertising from the world’s largest and most renowned social media platforms.

Created in 2015, Digital Ad Expert (DAE) by Aleph was built to provide access to the latest education in digital advertising, giving people the tools and necessary skills to begin advertising on the world's leading social media digital platforms. Simplifying the complexities of the ever-evolving digital world, the program also connects students with a global industry network and potential employment opportunities. The DAE program welcomes newcomers to the industry by teaching the basics and empowers experienced advertisers to sharpen their skills so they can maintain a competitive edge.

For more information on how to participate in the Digital Ad Expert program at FIU, visit