Department of International BusinessHuman Resource Management Major

Course Descriptions & Learning Objectives

Human Resource Management Credit Dept.
MAN 3025 Organization and Management 3 MA
MAN 4301 Human Resource Management 3 MA
MAN 4330 Compensation and Benefits 3 MA
MAN 4720 Strategic Management 3 MA
MAN 4320 Recruitment and Selection 3 MA
MAN 4322 Human Resource Information Systems 3 MA
MAN 4350 Training and Development 3 MA
MAN 4102 Managing Diversity 3 MA



Human Resources Management Major

(Table of Learning Objectives)

Learning Objective Code


Learning Objective Description


Develop and apply HR planning, recruitment, and selection practices that conform to commonly accepted professional standards and are legally sustainable.


Develop and apply training needs analysis, instructional objectives, training program design that fully utilizes multimedia capabilities, and training evaluation practices so that training has a positive return on investment (ROI) for the business.


Develop and apply performance appraisal forms and corrective performance management actions including feedback and disciplinary measures so that they are effective and legally sustainable.


Develop and apply compensation, benefit, and reward systems that facilitate the attraction, development, and retention of a high-performance workforce and are legally sustainable.


Develop and apply labor-management practices that foster a productive work environment and that are legally sustainable.


Develop and apply HR information systems (HRIS) that support effective decision-making in all HR areas (i.e., staffing, training, performance management, compensation and reward systems, and labor-management practices).
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