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Florida International University is a great source of talent! With a student enrollment of over 50,000 one of our major strengths is our diversity. Consider the following statistics:

61% of our students are Hispanic 
13% are Black 
4% are Asian or Pacific Islander 
15% are White 
56% are female

If world class education and an abundance of diversity is what you seek for your organization, you've selected the right institution for recruitment!

FIU has been identified by the U.S. Department of Education as the institution that graduates the largest number of Bachelor and Masters level Hispanics in the US. In addition, FIU ranks 2nd in the state of Florida in the number of students of African descent.

Quality of education is our top priority. Review the following selected accreditations:

AACSB - College of Business

In addition, our International Business programs have been ranked top ten in the nation for the past three consecutive years by U.S. News and World Report.
With international in our name, we are pleased to have students from over 130 countries represented on campus. While the majority of our students are US citizens or permanent residents, approximately 7% of our student body is truly international.

For more information regarding Florida International University you can view FIU's homepage, the College of Business website, and the Department of International Business website.

Employers participating in various Career Services largely centralized programs and services ranked their satisfaction of our customer service a 4.48 on a scale of 1 to 5. For On-Campus Recruiting the ranking was 4.56 and for Career Fairs and Internship/Diversity Fairs it was 4.44.

Beyond statistics, employers who have recruited at FIU attest to the talent they have found amongst our students. Here is what some leading employers had to say about our students:

"FIU is a gold mine of well prepared diversity candidates, for full-time and internship positions. FIU provides high quality education and service to the students, making them a high sought commodity by employers like IBM."
Olga Bowie
Diversity Program Manager, National Recruiting Organization

"FIU is a great place to recruit; the students are enthusiastic and well prepared; the career center is efficient and caters to the needs of corporations like ours. "
Livia Periu, CPA, CMA
Area Manager, Corporate
Johnson & Johnson

"FIU is a key recruiting school for Lucent Technologies as a result of its diverse student population and its outstanding academic programs. FIU continues to impress me each year with their career placement programs, their professional faculty and career placement staff and most of all their diverse and talented student population."
Jesus Gonzalez
Senior Manager
Lucent Technologies

As the business school for The Americas, we are South Florida's most important business education resource and a recognized leader in international business education.

Our Miami setting blends the advantages of a multicultural, urban, and ethnically rich center. The city is a business hub —connecting the two Americas and serving as regional headquarters for numerous multinational corporations. Technology, international commerce and banking, travel and tourism, and entrepreneurship all flourish in this dynamic environment. 

As the largest of Florida International University's (FIU) professional schools, we enroll about 6,000 undergraduate and more than 1,000 graduate students annually. We also serve the multinational business community through our extensive menu of executive and professional education programs.

Provide a position description that accurately describes the internship. In order for the student to receive academic credit, he/she will need to complete an application form which they are responsible for sharing with you. This is an opportunity for you and the student to clearly define the learning goals and job duties for the internship.

The internship should offer the student an experience that enhances his/her academic learning and goals. Hiring a student for data entry, filing, answering phones, or other similar office duties is not appropriate unless balanced with meaningful professional responsibilities.

The intern should have an assigned mentor or supervisor that will oversee the student's performance and offer constructive feedback. This person should provide the student with effective guidance, and make sure that the learning objectives and goals are being met.

Must provide a safe and professional work environment for the intern. The student should be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism as any other company employee. A violation of this rule may result in the termination of the internship at hand, as well as future ties with the university.

Comply with Federal Laws regarding discrimination and afford all applicants equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or veteran statues.

Make sure to comply with the Federal Wage and Hour Laws for internships, and that the Federal Wage and Hour Law Agreement attached to the internship application form is fully read and understood.

Who are we?

The College of Business Administration (CBA) is South Florida's most important business education resource, known for its expertise in international business and in the strategic uses of information technology. We are the largest of Florida International University's (FIU) professional schools, enrolling about 3,400 undergraduate and more than 1,100 graduate students each year. We also serve the multinational business community through our executive and professional education programs. As such, our Internship Program enhances the CBA's reputation. Our vision is to be internationally-recognized for matching our high-quality undergraduate students with corporate employers, and to start our students on their pathway to success. We are here to connect both students and employers in their pursuit of accomplishing their goals. Our success depends on both being successful. We excel in providing excellence.

What is the importance of the Management and International Business internship program & Who Benefits from it?

We serve as the link between world class corporate employers and highly-prepared students. We strive to provide successful and productive interaction between employers and students.

Employers will get highly prepared students who are prepared to meet their internship requirements. In addition, employers will develop a relationship with our college that will provide fruitful results for years to come. Students will receive the experience needed before formally entering the workforce, additional credits to fulfill their career requirements, and will have access to some of the world's top corporations.

Why do we offer this service? For whom is it offered?

We offer our services to provide excellent resources to employers, excellent experience to students, and excellent long lasting relationships between all. Remember, our success depends on your success. Thus, we are committed to providing nothing short of excellence.

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