Student Services Team

As a student in the Professional MBA program, you will be assigned to a dedicated Program Manager or Coordinator from our Student Services team. They will offer you support in the following areas:

  • Direct point of contact to students regarding personal and academic issues
  • Deliver faculty support regarding course scheduling, and student communications
  • Liaise between students and other departments within FIU
  • Provide academic support such as course registration, program advisement, and preparation for graduation. Notify students regarding account registration holds.
  • Monitor students' progress to ensure that they successfully meet all program requirements
  • Assist in the organization and administration of Professional Development Residencies, and graduation celebrations
  • Facilitate parking access information for enrolled students in the Professional MBA program
ntroducing the Student Services Team from left to right: Angelica Analco, Diana Medina, Luisa Arenas Quijano, and Michael Aquino.
Introducing the Student Services Team from left to right: Angelica Analco, Diana Medina, Luisa Arenas Quijano, and Michael Aquino.


Get to Know Our Student Services Team

If you could travel anywhere outside of the US, where would you visit?

I believe that China, India, and Peru are places where tradition and innovation coexist. In my opinion, a successful society needs to harmoniously combine the old and the new. This cyclical process reflects the nature of life—what is new today will become old tomorrow.

Luisa Arenas Quijano
Program Manager

What is your favorite thing to do with your downtime?

When I am not in the office supporting our students to be successful in their graduate careers, I like to spend time with my family. One of our favorite things to do is skiing. No, I am not talking about water skiing, I am talking about going to Colorado and skiing down the Rocky Mountains. Being in the snow for a little bit is a great getaway for the family (especially a family from Miami)!

Diana Medina
Associate Director of Academic Support Services

Describe your perfect day…

I would start off my ideal day by going to grab breakfast at Isla Canarias with my husband and family on a sunny Saturday morning – Cuban breakfast is a must have! I would then pass by Publix to pick up some pub subs (and snacks) and head over to the South Pointe Park for a laidback beach picnic. After catching some sun, I always love to hang out with my friends for extremely competitive game nights or simply go visit my parents’ home for some quality time movie night!

Angelica Analco
Program Coordinator