Carlos Perez Valarino ‘21

Current Position: Solution Partner Manager, D2L

"The schedules of the program benefit all students with families and with working responsibilities."

I graduated in Venezuela back in 2006 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in hospitality and tourism. I started the Professional MBA (PMBA) Flex program with FIU in August 2019 with a specialization in business analytics.

After 14 years of professional experience, I felt it was time to accelerate my knowledge. Being an FIU student has taught me new applications and new ways of seeing things. Learning new trends and being surrounded by many professionals has given me the opportunity to enhance my own company.

FIU’s PMBA is a great program for professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and refresh old practices. The professors are very experienced in their areas and bring all their energy for us. Students get the best out of each class.

Being at Florida International University, the name says it itself, the classroom is completely international. I have met people from Turkey, different parts of Europe, the U.S., Latin America, and even China. The opportunities you get from this type of network is amazing. It’s something that really takes you to the next step.

My favorite courses have been all those related to finance and accounting. The program has been very refreshing with new ideas and ways to improve in these fields and towards my career.

I loved the flexibility and times of the program. The schedules of the program benefit all students with families and with work responsibilities.

The Business Career Management center has helped me with my resume and orientation towards new steps in my career. I’m now working with them to organize my international experience and adapt it to the U.S. market.

I would describe the Professional MBA program as immersive, multicultural and very rewarding.