The PhD degree in Business is a research-oriented academic degree. Accordingly, the program for finance majors features a strong research component.

The objectives of this program are to provide you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of the field of Finance, with emphasis on sub areas of corporate finance, investment, and financial institutions and markets
  • Exposure to theories and models relevant to the study of issues and problems in contemporary finance
  • The ability to integrate financial knowledge into a logical framework, including the skills to separate myths from research-backed facts and to communicate those results in a scholarly and practical fashion
  • Sound conceptual understanding of a set of research tools (e.g. econometrics, research designs and methodology, programming, simulation, etc.) and technical knowledge in their applications and limitations
  • Skills to conduct scholarly research and communicate results effectively to an academic and practitioner audience
  • Skills development in classroom instruction and teaching effectiveness
  • Coursework

    The PhD. degree in Business Administration at Florida International University is designed to admit individual candidates with bachelor degrees in any discipline. For those candidates not possessing a baccalaureate or master's degree in business, a tutorial program or certain course prerequisites may be required by the student's Area Coordinator.

    All students are required to complete a minimum of 16 courses. Those concentrating in Finance must take six courses or seminars in Finance (as described below), a two-course sequence in advanced economic theory, and a two-course sequence in either advanced econometrics or an equivalent sequence of courses in advanced statistics. With the advice and consent of the departmental PhD. committee, students also select other supporting coursework. The first year of study is regarded as "Tier I" in the PhD. program, and successful completion of this year of study is a prerequisite for enrollment in some of the more advanced courses.

    You are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better in the six departmental courses that comprise the Finance concentration. In addition, you are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.3 or better in all of you coursework.

  • A Sample Course of Study

    The sample program of study below describes the schedule for a typical student. Variations may be allowed for some students, and, of course, the requirements may change at the discretion of the PhD. Committee.

    1Fall3Financial Economics I**
    3Statistical Methods in Finance I***
    3Financial Theory I
    1Spring3Financial Economics II**
    3Statistical Methods in Finance II***
    3Financial Theory II
    SummerQualifying Examination
    1Summer6Empirical Project
    Tier 2 Courses
    2Fall3Seminar in Futures Markets
    3Seminar in Investments
    3Foundations of Financial Models
    2Spring3Seminar in Options and Contingent Claims
    3Seminar in Portfolio Theory
    3International Corporate Finance
    SummerComprehensive Examination
    2Summer6Empirical Project
    3Fall3Dissertation Preparation
    3Dissertation Preparation
    3Dissertation Preparation

    If need be, one or more courses will be offered in Fall of third year.

  • Finance Courses*
    • FIN 7536 - Seminar in Futures Markets
    • FIN 7527 - Seminar in Investments
    • FIN 7606 - International Corporate Finance
    • FIN 7807 - Seminar in Corporate Finance
    • FIN 7808 - Financial Theory I
    • FIN 7809 - Financial Theory II
    • FIN 7810 - Financial Theory III
    • FIN 7811 - Financial Markets and Institutions
    • FIN 7812 - Seminar in Options and Contingent Claims
    • FIN 7816 - Seminar in Portfolio Theory
    • FIN 7818 - Foundations of Financial Models
    • FIN 7845 - Statistical Methods in Finance I
    • FIN 7846 - Statistical Methods in Finance II
    • FIN 7855 - Financial Economics I
    • FIN 7856 - Financial Economics II
    • FIN 7906 - Independent Study
    • FIN 7916 - Doctoral Research Project in Business
    • FIN 7936 - Finance Doctoral Seminar
    • FIN 7980 - Doctoral Dissertation in Business Administration
    • FIN 7981 - Dissertation Preparation

    *Many of the courses listed here are available only if there will be a sufficient number of doctoral students enrolled in the course.

  • Research Projects

    You are required to complete research projects during the summer semesters following your first and second years in the program. One faculty member will serve as an advisor for all research projects in a given summer.

    The primary objective of the first summer research project is to enhance your skills in using computer programs for research. You are expected to undertake a research project that will require you to use computers in order to complete it. To this end, you are expected to replicate some previously-tested hypothesis using new data or to engage in some other meaningful computer-based project.

    The second summer research project, in contrast, requires you to develop an original research hypothesis. This hypothesis should be developed well in advance of the second summer semester so you will have enough time to execute the project during the summer semester.

    For both summer projects, you must submit a written paper and make a presentation to the faculty. Ideally, these papers should be of sufficient quality to merit submission to a conference or a journal.

    You must satisfy all university and college dissertation requirements.

  • For Information

    For more information on the program, please contact:

    Edward Lawrence

    Dr. Qiang Kang 
    Doctoral Director, Department of Finance
    Modesto A. Maidique Campus, 210
    (305) 348-4379