MBA Advisory Board

Members of the Chapman Graduate School of Business MBA Advisory Board serve as vital partners who support the FIU MBA Programs with their time, thought, expertise, energy, and financial resources. The MBA Advisory Board members work closely with the Chapman Graduate School of Business leadership team and administration to improve the viability and development of the FIU MBA programs.

Member engagement and participation include:

  • Sharing expertise on emerging trends in respective business sectors
  • Assisting in the development of new programs and their alignment with best practices and trends
  • Serving as ambassadors for the MBA programs by promoting awareness in the community through outreach to business contacts, potential students, and assist the FIU staff with marketing and promotion of the programs
  • Advising the MBA faculty and staff regarding changes in the business environment, job market, needed professional skills, and the applicability of curriculum and methodology to current market conditions
  • Increasing financial support for the MBA programs through philanthropy and/or assisting in acquiring funds through other sources; each member is asked to consider their ability to give or solicit donations
  • Helping FIU place MBA graduates in meaningful jobs

Board Members

  • William Putnam EMBA '16
    MBA Chair
    Goddard Enterprises

  • Anne Bousquet EMBA '16
    MBA Vice Chair
    President, CEO, Co-founder & Partner
    Domaine Bousquet Winery

  • Kidsan Barnes EMBA '19
    Senior Vice President Maritime
    Neuron (formerly ESpace Networks)

  • Demian Bellumio
    Managing Partner
    Aunken Ventures LLC

  • Maria Cabral
    Vice President, Technology Products & Implementations

  • Dennis Coral PMBA '12
    Managing Director - Wealth Advisor
    Coral Wealth Management Group

  • Leo Diaz PMBA '19
    Manager, Flight Operations Support Programs
    Delta Airines

  • Raul Duarte
    Managing Partner
    RTD Talent

  • Sharon Fine
    Senior Vice President, Sr. Personal Investment Portfolio Manager
    Northern Trust Corporation

  • Armando Hernandez
    President and CEO
    H&CO, LLP

  • Tarkan Kocoglu EMBA '15
    Head of Product Marketing

  • Laura Kozloski
    Executive Director, International Strategy
    Shriners Children's

  • Jessica Mobassaleh PMBA '19
    Senior Human Resources Manager

  • Karl Muhlberger
    Chief Operating Officer
    The World

  • Edgardo Pappacena
    Cani Investments LLC

  • Herb Payan PMBA '12
    Senior Vice President, Digital Business & Strategies
    Sony Music Entertainment

  • Darlene Pimentel PMBA '14
    Knowledge Management & Resources Innovation Lead
    Bilzin Sumberg

  • Kerstin Sachl EMBA '16
    Vice President, Communications & Public Relations
    Marriott International

  • Ruben Salazar Genovez PMBA '07

FIU Contacts

  • William G. Hardin III (Ex-Officio Member)
    FIU College of Business

  • Angel Burgos (Ex-Officio Member)
    Executive Director, Graduate Programs
    FIU College of Business - Chapman Graduate School

  • Maria Sierra PMBA '07
    Associate Director, Operations, MBA Programs
    FIU College of Business - Chapman Graduate School