Professional Development Seminars

There are four Professional Development Seminars (PDS) that students are required to take for successful completion of the program. Students will complete a Team Building, Presentation Skills, Case Analysis and Career Services PDS prior to the end of the first semester. You will also have the option of completing a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification course. If you already have a Yellow Belt certification, you will have the option of completing a Green Belt certification.

Core courses

  • Accounting for Managers

    ACG 6026 - Accounting for Managers (AC)

    Presentation of the nature, techniques and uses of accounting from the perspective of people who manage businesses and investments in businesses. Covers both financial and management accounting.

  • Business Analysis and Decision Making

    QMB 6357 - Business Analysis for Decision Making

    Review of the relevant quantitative techniques required for business analysis and decision making, including decision models, mathematical programming, statistics and forecasting. This is a WebCT and Excel based course. Prerequisites: College Algebra, computer literacy and working knowledge of Excel.

  • Corporate Finance

    FIN 6406 - Corporate Finance

    In-depth examination of asset, liability and capital structure management, with emphasis on valuation capital budgeting techniques; risk evaluation; working capital management; and methods of short-term, intermediate and long-term financing. Prerequisites: ACG 6026 or equivalent.

  • Corporate Simulation

    MAR 6816 - Corporate Simulation

    Course emphasis is on application and integration of concepts and tools, through participation in the marketing management of a firm in competition with other firms. The course's focal point is a computerized marketing management simulation. Prerequisites: ACG 6175, FIN 6406, and MAN 6501.

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

    ACG 6175 - Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Comprehensive treatment of analysis of financial statements as aid for decision making; looks at current state of financial reporting practices and impact of published statements on economic systems. Prerequisites: ACG 6026, FIN 6406 or equivalent.

  • Global Financial Strategy

    FIN 6644 - Global Financial Strategy

    Aspects of strategic financial environment and management of firms that operate in a global arena; to include recent developments in financial strategy, international trade and economic decision making. Prerequisite: FIN 6406.

  • International Business

    MAN 6608 - International Business

    This course examines the environmental variables affecting international operations, trade and investment theories, international institutions, and regional economic groups. It also focuses on international finance, international accounting, international marketing, and international management problems and issues.

  • Legal Environment of Business

    BUL 6810 - Legal Environment of Business

    Examines current legal, regulatory, ethical, and political issues within the context of public law. Topics include employment, antitrust, administrative, cyberlaw, and contracts and tort.

  • Marketing Management

    MAR 6805 - Marketing Management in the Global Environment

    Analysis and application of theory and problem solving for marketing management in the global environment. Emphasis will be on the role of marketing in the organization; planning the marketing effort; management of the marketing organization; control of marketing operations; and evaluation of the marketing contribution.

  • Master’s Project in Management

    An interdisciplinary research project on an international business problem, which may include field work (including internship), library research, computer modeling, or the use of an approved research methodology.

  • Business Process & Operational Analysis

    QMB 6616 - Business Process & Operational Analysis

    Review of critical business analytical approaches, including linear programming, project scheduling, waiting line theory, and time series analysis, among others.

  • Organizational Behavior

    MAN 6245 - Organizational Behavior

    Individual, interpersonal, and small group behavior in complex organizations. Focus on behavior, its causes, and management interventions to improve organizational effectiveness. Research methods to study organizational behavior.

  • Management of Information Systems

    ISM 6021 - Management of Information Systems

    Review of foundations and methodologies for analysis of existing and proposed systems, to include, feasibility assessment, design, development, and implementation.

  • Strategic Management

    MAN 6726 - Strategic Management

    The use of cases, guest lectures, and gaming to integrate the analysis and measurement tools, the functional areas and public policy issues. The objective is to develop skill in broad areas of rational decision-making in an administrative context of uncertainty. Should be taken in the last semester of master's program.

Summer Options

In addition to our rigorous curriculum, the full-time International MBA program includes options for the final semester studies. Students may choose a business internship, elective course or study abroad.