Program Details

Program Features

Program Features

  • 2 specialization tracks (Taxation and Assurance)
  • Best preparation for the CPA exam, which includes access to the Becker CPA Course
  • Collaboration with peers: as a cohort-based, lock-step program, you’ll build strong relationships with a diverse group of students both during and long after your program.
  • Full access to Business Career Services resources, helping you gain the knowledge and professional skills to be even more competitive in today's challenging job market.
  • Path for Other Business Majors pre-requisite courses are offered fully online each summer & fall.
Accounting bootcamp

Path for Other Business Majors

Students who have a business degree with a major other than accounting or those with a Bachelor of Accounting degree from overseas may receive a conditional admission to the Master of Accounting program (MACC) pending completion of the pre-requisite courses. 

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We are accepting applications for the pre-requisite courses that start in fall 2024.

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  • Taxation Track

    The FIU MACC: Taxation track equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in tax law, policy, and application. It covers areas such as corporate, individual, and international taxation, tax planning, compliance, and ethical considerations in tax practice. Graduates gain the analytical and technical skills needed to navigate complex tax systems, advise clients on tax-related matters, and ensure compliance with evolving tax regulations. This specialization is ideal for those looking to pursue careers in accounting, finance, tax advisory services, or government tax agencies, enhancing their expertise and prospects in the field of taxation.

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  • Assurance Track

    The FIU MACC: Assurance track focuses on developing advanced auditing techniques, standards, and ethical principles. It covers areas such as financial statement analysis, risk assessment, internal controls, and compliance with international auditing standards. Students learn to conduct thorough audits, assess the accuracy of financial records, and ensure organizations adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. This specialization prepares graduates for careers in public accounting, internal auditing, and financial analysis, equipping them with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to evaluate financial practices and improve transparency and accountability in business operations.

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