Undergraduate Dual Degree

The College of Business at FIU continues to be a global leader in international business programs. Through the International Undergraduate Dual Degree (UDD) Program, students completing their studies at FIU receive a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree from FIU, while also earning a degree from their home institution. Even though requirements differ based on the student’s home institution, all students will complete at least the last 30 credit hours in residence at FIU, allowing them to experience the campus and the international city of Miami.


  • Earn two degrees in almost the same time it would take to obtain one.
  • Remain in the U.S. for up to one year with Optional Practical Training upon completion of the BBA program and two consecutive semesters of on-campus enrollment
  • Access to the Business Career Management office dedicated to College of Business students
  • Attend classes with a diverse student population while learning from a highly experienced and multi-cultural faculty
  • Establish two networks of classmates and peers, one in your home country and one in the U.S., an invaluable asset for your career and business development.

Schedule & Location

  • Start: May (Online), August (On-campus)
  • Location: MMC
  • Mandatory classes for ALL UDD students are held online throughout the first semester (May–July); students will then transfer to campus starting August

Description & Tuition

  • Approximately 12 months of enrollment at FIU
  • Students will take a minimum of 30 credits at FIU
  • Students are responsible for all student tuition, fees, housing,
  • transportation, health insurance and related expenses

General Admission Requirements

  • Minimum TOEFL score of 80, or IELTS of 6.5
  • 2.5 GPA or above
  • Completion of all FIU University Core Curriculum (UCC) and business pre-core requirements
  • Other requirements may apply as per specific UDD agreements

University Transfer Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all incoming transfer students and is highly competitive. Meeting the minimum qualifications is not a guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.

  • Only available for students entering in the fall intake
  • Pays 50% of FIU undergraduate tuition, fees, and books
  • Requires a 3.8 GPA to apply
  • Learn more here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will students have to spend at FIU to earn the dual degree?

    It will take students at least 30 credit hours, or approximately one year, to complete the dual degree. This does not include any additional courses required by either the University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements or specific College of Business requirements. Additional requirements may lengthen the amount of classes needed while attending FIU, but every effort will be made to accommodate the students.

  • Will students attend regular classes at FIU?

    Students will be attending regular FIU classes with UDD students from other countries and with FIU non-transfer students. This allows the student to fully enjoy the experience of studying abroad including the ability to increase their personal network.

  • How will students apply and be admitted to the program?

    Students will apply individually to the program, and admission is not guaranteed. Admission will be based on the standards agreed with the home University and FIU when entering into the agreement. By establishing a relationship early between the institutions, an equivalency table will aid in the acceptance of transfer credits towards the dual degree. This will enable the admissions office at both FIU and the College of Business to expedite the review process. To apply, please follow the link http://admissions.fiu.edu/apply/international/international-student-requirements/.

  • When can students enter the program?

    Students can apply to enter the program at FIU for the summer semester (starting in May) to complete certain prerequisites online from their home country before continuing the program. If prerequisites are not required based on the program of study developed for their home institution, they can apply to enter for the fall (starting in August) semester to come to FIU’s main campus.

  • How much does the program cost?

    The cost of this program is based on the number of credit hours required for the student to complete the degree requirements. Tuition is based on the standard out-of-state tuition rate at FIU. It will be the student’s responsibility to pay the tuition directly to FIU. Additional expenses such as FIU fees, housing, books, health insurance and transportation are the responsibility of the student.

    An estimate of cost-of-living expenses, including housing, food, transportation, books and materials, and personal expenses is approximately $2,400 per month. As expected, this amount will vary according to each individual's preferences and circumstances. Please note that university approved health insurance is required for international students.

  • What arrangements are made for housing?

    Housing is available on campus and can be coordinated through the housing office. Off campus housing is also available to our student community. Further assistance can be provided to connect incoming students to different housing options but it is the ultimate responsibility of the student to arrange and pay for housing.

  • What is FIU campus life like?

    We could tell you how life at FIU is, but we prefer for you to see it through the following videos:



  • How long does it take to begin sending students to the program?

    This depends on the availability of the required information needed to initiate an agreement between the institutions. Once all of the required documentation is collected, the review process can be expedited to enable students to begin applying to the next semester of study.

  • What information does our institution need to send to FIU?

    FIU and the College of Business will need accreditation documentation along with course syllabi and faculty curriculum vitae to begin setting up the dual degree program. Once these documents are submitted, FIU will determine if transfer credits can be accepted and if course equivalency can be granted for some of the required courses in the program. This will be handled on an individual basis for each school, as programs of study can widely differ.