FIU Executive Education’s Condominium Board Member Training Certificate Program is the answer to the urgent call for empowered and informed condo board members.   Comprehensive and multi-disciplinary, our certificate program uniquely blends technical issues in condo management with the leadership skills crucial to the sustainability of our condo communities.  

Created by a nationally recognized condominium author and expert with a track record of successes at older properties, our program meets and exceeds the Florida mandate for condo board member certification.  Efficiently solve condominium problems and arm yourself with practical insights, proven strategies, case studies, and perspectives of audit, law, and insurance professionals.

The program is divided into 3 Pillars ™

  • Proactive, Hands-On and Well-Organized Management
  • Financial Strength: Now and Into the Future
  • Leading People and Understanding Property Owners

Beyond covering key areas such as reserve studies and leading major repairs and renovations, the program also will elevate your leadership skills to successfully manage people, build trust, persuade, organize, and communicate to create harmonious and thriving associations.

Who Will Benefit

Condominium board members, property owners and management.

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the three main systems of condominium association management.
  • Organize the voluminous data at your association.
  • Utilize the reserve study as a guide to current and future spending.
  • Organize and lead major renovations.
  • Strategically work with and manage attorneys, finance/audit and insurance and other professionals
  • Learn the main personality traits to help you understand people.
  • Successfully negotiate conflicts and disputes.
  • Create abundant, continuous, and transparent communications.
  • Create a culture of board member collaboration.
  • Streamline processes with numerous templates, checklists and how-to guides you will use repeatedly.

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Schedule & Registration

Self-paced, fully online

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Your program fee includes:

  • Digital Access to Educational Materials
  • Digital Access to Instructional Resources
  • Florida International University Certificate of Completion

SAMPLE Schedule, approximately 8 hours, self-paced

Chapter(s)Topic(s)Study Time



2 hours


Learn effective strategies to stay organized, manage major renovations, and collaborate effectively as a board.




3 hours


Understand the essentials of condo finance, from reviewing end of month statements to working with Florida specialists like condominium attorneys, CPAs and insurance professionals.




3 hours


Master proven techniques to understand, manage and communicate effectively with diverse property owners.


Approximately 8 hours over a maximum of 60 days


  • Keeping Organized
  • Reserve Studies
  • The Hired Manager
  • Major Repairs and Renovations
  • Board Member Collaboration
  • Learning from Sample Budgets
  • Understanding Month-end Financial Statements
  • The Main Personality Traits Help You Understand People
  • Creating Abundant, Transparent Communications

Financial Assistance & Discounts

FIU Executive Education programs are designed to enhance your management skills and boost your career success. Because our certificate programs are non-credit and do not lead to a degree, they do not qualify for traditional student financial aid. However, financial assistance is available in a variety of methods:

  • Student Loans

    Private student loans are available for our programs through SallieMae. We strongly recommend participants submit their loan application at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of the program to ensure completion of the loan process prior to program start. For more information such as types of loans available, eligibility or to apply, please telephone 877.279.7172 or visit: SallieMae SMART Option Loan

    Note: Once at SallieMae’s site above, please click on Career Training Loan. It’s important to note that student loans for FIU Executive Education programs qualify for the same variable and fixed rates as Undergraduate student loans, which generally are lower than those for typical career training loans. Once your loan is approved, make sure your interest rates match the current undergraduate rates.

  • Discounts
    • We periodically offer special discounts via the FIU Executive Education newsletter. To receive the newsletter, register here.
    • FIU Alumni, Students and Staff: 10% discount available. Must register using your email address. Select and apply this discount at the time of registration.
    • Group Discount for Organizations: 15% discount available to companies/organizations that register three (3) or more employees in the same program. All participants in the group must register on the same day using their organization email address. Should you have any questions about group registrations, please contact us at
    • Corporate Learning Partnership Discount: Organizations and companies that are committed to the continuous learning of their employees and are part of the FIU Executive Education Continuous Learning Corporate Partnership receive a 20% discount at registration. Contact your employer’s human resources director and ask if your organization is an FIU Executive Education partner.
  • Employer-Provided Educational Benefits

    FIU Executive Education Continuous Learning Corporate Partnership: Employees of organizations and companies that are committed to the continuous learning of their employees and are part of the FIU Executive Education Continuous Learning Corporate Partnership receive a 20% discount at registration. Contact your employer’s human resources department and ask if your organization is an FIU Executive Education partner.

    Employer Education Benefits: Ask your employer if it provides education benefits to employees. In many cases and under certain conditions, employers may offer up to $5,250 in tuition/fee assistance to employees tax-free. For more information and latest updates, visit or ask your employer to visit this IRS web site.

    Training Grants for Employers: Employers may qualify for employee training grants from the state of Florida. These grants are used to help employers pay the cost of training and re-skilling employees. For more information, visit CareerSource Florida.

  • Scholarships and Tuition Reimbursement Programs

    Check this section regularly for updates on scholarships and grants available to FIU Executive Education learners.

    PEO Program for Continuing Education: Grant of up to $3,000 to women whose education was interrupted and who now seek a degree or certificate that leads to employment.

  • Additional Sources of Financial Assistance Information

    For general information regarding Financial Aid (FAFSA) or the Veterans GI Bill, please contact FIU Financial Aid at or Veterans Affairs at

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