Patrick Hohman, CAM

Patrick Hohman believes that to bolster American affordable housing efforts quickly, well-trained grassroots board members and a new form of more hands-on, focused, and adequately paid onsite condominium managers must urgently communicate upgrade details to all owners and begin year-by-year renovations.

Even in small steps to begin, immediate action builds a more hopeful future for owners and begins a cycle of upward momentum.

According to the Florida Bar Association Condominium Life Safety Task Force, approximately 60% of Florida's 1.5 million condominium units are more than 30 years old. Few older building condominium associations are fully funded in their reserves and as a result, many are woefully under-reserved and must create a catch-up plan.

With over 25 years of experience as a condominium board president and professional condominium association manager, Hohman is a renowned expert and leader in older building maintenance and renovations. He has successfully guided owners through the ordeal of year-by-year renovations to sustain their properties. While some associations may start with a three-to-five-year jump-start plan, for older properties the cycle of year-by-year renovations is ongoing. This practice is crucial to infuse older buildings with investments necessary to extend and renew the useful life of the property.

Hohman started teaching board members at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky in 2005. Since then, he has trained and encouraged more than 700 condominium board members. He has created two revolutionary and unique courses for FIU’s College of Business: the Florida Condominium Board Member Training Certificate Program and the Condominium/HOA Manager Certification Program with the goal to empower and inspire board members to begin the journey of sustaining their housing investment.

Hohman is the author of Condos, Townhomes and Homeowner Associations: How to Make Your Investment Safer. An illustrated step-by-step guide for condo and HOA owners to follow best practices in reserve studies. The book also includes preventive maintenance checklists, owner communications toolkits, conflict resolution guidance, templates and more.

An adjunct lecturer at Florida International University’s College of Business, Hohman is a licensed Florida community association manager.

He obtained his BA in journalism from Western Kentucky University.