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PhD in Business AdministrationCurrent PhD Students

The PhD program typically requires four years of full-time study: two and a half years of coursework and summer projects, and a year and a half of dissertation credits.

PhD students under the CBA Assistantship, McKnight Fellowship, Presidential Fellowship, and international students must be continuously enrolled in the PhD program. The full-time enrollment consists of 9 graduate credits in the Fall and Spring, and 6 graduate credits in the Summer.

General degree requirements for all PhD candidates in Business Administration include successful completion of:

  1. all required coursework
  2. a comprehensive examination at the end of your coursework
  3. a doctoral dissertation

Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF)

Dissertation Year Fellowships (DYFs) provide support to highly-qualified FIU doctoral students during the data analysis and writing phase of their dissertation. It is intended to facilitate the timely completion of high-quality manuscripts and dissertations. Students who are conducting outstanding research in their discipline and have established a notable record of publication during their doctoral studies (in comparison to others in their discipline) are favored in the application process. Dissertation Fellows are expected to graduate within 1 year after receiving the award. The support is provided is $8,300 per semester for two terms (semesters).

Doctoral Evidence Acquisition (DEA)

The Doctoral Evidence Acquisition (DEA) Fellowship is specifically intended to support doctoral students who have no financial support for evidence acquisition activities or those students for whom their current means of financial support would significantly interfere with or preclude their ability to collect the evidence needed for their doctoral research. The support is $8,300 per semester for one term (semester).

For more information regarding these fellowships and the deadline to apply, please visit the University Graduate School website at

Form D-1: Appointment of Dissertation Committee
The D-1 form is to be completed at the time your committee is formed but no later than 4 semesters before the anticipated graduation semester.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Non-FIU Commitment Form: To be used with the D-1 where applicable
The commitment form is to be completed by non-FIU committee members.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Form D-1r: Appointment of Revised Dissertation Committee
The D-1r form is to be completed as soon as a revised committee is formed.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Form D-2: Program for Doctoral Degree and Application for Candidacy
There are no specific UGS deadlines relative to D-2 form. The Form D-2 is due BEFORE student registers in dissertation credits. Thus, students must complete this form after passing the Comprehensive Exam.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Form D-3: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal
The D-3 form is to be completed at least 3 semesters before the anticipated graduation semester.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Form D-5: Preliminary Approval of Dissertation and Request for Oral Defense
The D-5 must be submitted to the UGS at least 3 WEEKS BEFORE the date of the defense or by the UGS deadline (whichever date is the earliest).
Please visit this link to complete the form:

Final ETD Approval Form: Approval of defense, dissertation, and electronic submission of dissertation.
This form is submitted after dissertation defense to finalize the electronic submittal of the dissertation to University Graduate School.
Please visit this link to complete the form:

The dates when Dissertation forms are due to University Graduate School depend on your expected graduation term. However, students must also meet departmental and college deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines could delay graduation.

Please visit the link below for all relevant deadlines depending on your graduation term.

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