Business Information Security Track

The Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA) offer a Business Information Security Track to students pursuing a degree in Information Systems (IS). The track focuses on developing the key skills needed to pursue careers in information security or cyber-security, analysts, or specialists within modern business organizations. Information security analysts plan, implement, and monitor security measures to protect organizations’ information systems and key data assets. Given the ever-increasing number of incidents plaguing business organizations, their responsibilities are continually expanding and changing. The Business Information Security Track consists of 8 courses (21 credit hours). Students are required to receive a grade of “C” or higher in each course.

Required Track Courses

Students are required to complete all of the following Major Courses (9 credit hours).

ISM 4113 Systems Analysis and Design 3
ISM 3230 Business Application Development 3
ISM 4220 Business Telecommunication Systems 2
ISM 4323 Information Systems Security 1

Students are also required to complete one of the following courses (3 credit hours).

ISM 4314 Project Management 3


MAN 4583 Project Management 3

Students are required to complete all three of the following Upper Division Business Electives (9 credit hours).

EEL 4806 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures 3
EEL 4802 Introduction to Digital Forensics Engineering 3
EEL 4804 Introduction Malware Reverse Engineering 3