* Denotes Dissertation Advisor Status (DAS) and date for scheduled renewal.

The listing below includes all Graduate Faculty (GF) and Dissertation Advisor Status (DAS) Faculty Members appointed to date. GF/DAS applications are due in the fall and spring semesters. See updates related to the GF/DAS application timelines under the Graduate & DAS Faculty Resources section.

The University established the Graduate Faculty and Dissertation Advisor Status membership to enhance graduate education at FIU. To be eligible to serve as thesis major advisor or member on a thesis or dissertation committee, the individual FIU employee must be a member of the Graduate Faculty. To be eligible to serve as the chair of a dissertation committee, an individual must be a tenured or tenure-earning faculty member, be a member of the Graduate Faculty, and hold DAS. Graduate Faculty members holding DAS who are not tenured or tenure-earning faculty members may serve as co-chair of a dissertation committee.

The Dean of the University Graduate School appoints all dissertation committee members on the recommendation of the unit. The committee is comprised of at least four (4) members:

1) At least two of the four must be from the academic department offering the degree

2) At least one must be from the academic department at FIU

3) The fourth member may be from:

a) The academic department offering the degree

b) From another academic department at FIU

c) From outside the institution who has been reviewed and approved by the academic department and the University Graduate School

The major professor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty who holds DAS and must be an expert in the subject of the dissertation. Please be aware that the unit may have additional committee requirements. Additional committee members may be appointed.

School of Accounting

Tenure/Tenure-earning within the department
Dr. Abhijit Barua* Fall 2026
Dr. Pietro Bianchi
Dr. Silver Chung
Dr. Erica Harris
Dr. Xiaochuan Huang
Dr. Jonathan Milian* Spring 2027
Dr. Mark Myring* Fall 2028
Dr. Antoinette Smith* Fall 2026
Dr. K. Raghunandan* Spring 2026
Dr. Dasaratha Rama* Spring 2026
Dr. Krishnamurthy Surysekar *Fall 2028
Dr. Minye (Michael) Tang
Dr. Maria Vulcheva* Spring 2027
Dr. Clark M. Wheatley* Spring 2023

Dr. Kenneth Henry
Dr. Frederick V. Perry


Tenure/Tenure earning within the department
Dr. Dallin Alldredge
Dr. Joel Barber* Spring 2026
Dr. Mustafa Onur Caglayan
Dr. Chun-Hao Chang* Spring 2023
Dr. Wen-Hsiu (Julia) Chou *Fall 2021
Dr. Krishnan Dandapani* Spring 2026
Dr. Sandrine Docgne-Penlap
Dr. Diogo Duarte
Dr. Brice Dupoyet* Spring 2025
Dr. Shahid S. Hamid* Spring 2026
Dr. Karen Y. Jang
Dr. Xiaoquan Jiang* Fall 2026
Dr. Qiang Kang
Dr. Edward R. Lawrence *Fall 2028
Dr. Suchismita Mishra* Spring 2032
Dr. Ozde Oztekin* Spring 2023
Dr. Ali M. Parhizgari* Fall 2027
Dr. Arun Prakash*
Dr. Florent Rouxelin
Dr. Arun D.Upadhyay* Fall 2031
Dr. Minho Wang
Dr. John Zdanowicz
Dr. Liang Zhang

Dr. Deanne Butchey
Dr. Ali Gungoraydinogluis
Dr. Manuel Lasaga

Global Leadership and Management

Tenure/Tenure-earning within the department
Dr. Brooke Buckman
Dr. Ravi Gajendran* Fall 2032
Dr. Carolina Gómez* Fall 2026
Dr. Nathan J. Hiller* Fall 2033
Dr. Kisha Jones
Dr. Chaitali Kapadia
Dr. Modesto A. Maidique* Spring 2018
Dr. Juan I. Sanchez* Spring 2026
Dr. Hock-Peng Sin* Fall 2023

Dr. Robert C. Rodriguez
Dr. Marc Weinstein

Information Systems and Business Analytics

Tenure/Tenure-earning within the department
Dr. David Agogo
Dr. Miguel Aguirre-Urretta* Fall 2026
Dr. Dinesh Batra* Spring 2026
Dr. Lina Bouayad* Spring 2028
Dr. Min Chen* Spring 2028
Dr. Yan Chen* Spring 2028
Dr. Karlene Cousins* Spring 2033
Dr. Joyce Elam
Dr. Pouyan Esmaielzadeh* Spring 2028
Dr. Paulo J. Gomes
Dr. Manjul Gupta* Spring 2035
Dr. Sushil Gupta
Dr. Hyeyoung Hah* Spring 2026
Dr. Richard Klein* Spring 2025
Dr. Christos Koulamas* Spring 2026
Dr. George J. Kyparisis
Dr. Cynthia M. LeRouge* Spring 2032
Dr. George M. Marakas* Spring 2023
Dr. Tala Mirzaei
Dr. Arijit Sengupta* Spring 2028
Dr. Sebastian Schuetz
Dr. Hemang Subramanian* Spring 2035
Dr. Debra VanderMeer* Fall 2033
Dr. Weidong Xia* Spring 2028
Dr. Pouyan Esmaeil Zadeh

Dr. Attila J. Hertelendy
Dr. Carlos M. Parra
Dr. Peter Polak
Dr. Amin Shoja

International Business

Tenure/Tenure earning within the department
Dr. Aya S. Chacar* Fall 2022
Dr. Danielle Combs
Dr. Stav Fainshmidt* Fall 2032
Dr. Orhun Guldiken
Dr. Arun Kumaraswamy* Fall 2024
Dr. Sumit K. Kundu* Spring 2026
Dr. Curba Morris Lampert* Fall 2027
Dr. William E. Newburry* Fall 2022
Dr. Ronaldo Parente* Fall 2024
Dr. Karen Paul* Fall 2022
Dr. Mary Ann Von Glinow* Spring 2026
Dr. Ochieng Walumbwa* Fall 2027


Dr. Jose de la Torre
Dr. G. Ronald Gilbert
Dr. Doreen J. Gooden
Dr. Seema Pissaris
Dr. Dileep Rao
Dr. David A. Wernick

Marketing and Logistics

Tenure/Tenure earning within the department
Dr. Peter R. Dickson* Spring 2023
Dr. Sebastian Garcia-Dastugue* Spring 2027
Dr. Walfried M. Lassar* Fall 2028
Dr. Jae Hoon Lee* Spring 2027
Dr. Anthony D. Miyazaki* Spring 2022
Dr. Andrea Patrucco* Fall 2027
Dr. Alexandra Rodriguez* Spring 2023
Dr. Jayati Sinha* Spring 2030
Dr. Ha Ta* Fall 2027
Dr. Kimberly A. Taylor* Spring 2031
Dr. John Tsalikis* Spring 2024

Dr. Christopher Allen
Dr. L. Craig Austin
Dr. Yi-Ju (Vivian) Chen
Dr. Maria M. Garcia
Dr. Wendy Guess
Dr. Gregory Maloney
Dr. Ronald Mesia
Dr. Anna Pietraszek
Dr. Nancy Richmond
Dr. Jaclyn Tanenbaum

Tibor and Sheila Hollo School of Real Estate

Tenure/Tenure-earning within the department
Dr. Eli Beracha
Dr. Walter D’Lima
Dr. Lu Fang
Dr. Julia Freybote
Dr. William G. Hardin, III* Fall 2025
Dr. Zhenguo Lin* Fall 2026
Dr. Stanimira Milcheva
Dr. Mark Thibodeau
Dr. Zhonghua Wu* Spring 2031