As the highest-quality graduate HR management program available to working professionals in Miami and South Florida, our online Master of Science in Human Resource Management assures you a comprehensive education covering topics ranging from HR strategy, employee performance and development, benefits, work-life balance, EEOC issues, and diversity. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and professional network you need to make a real difference in your company’s success.

The curriculum reflects the latest HR approaches and is designed to strengthen your success at any organization by understanding how to:

  • Align HR strategy to your organization’s overarching business strategy.
  • Develop human resource policies and practices that add value and enhance your firm’s competitive advantage.
  • Plan for organizational change in response to shifting business conditions.
  • Address the unique cultural and other considerations encountered when managing a workforce in multinational organizations.
  • Strengthen your professional capabilities, including presentation skills, writing, and computing.

The online MSHRM program begins every fall semester (August) and every spring semester (January). Cohorts are structured into “blocks” or sessions, with each block consisting of two courses and lasting approximately eight weeks.

Core Courses

  • Critical Thinking in Human Resource Management MAN 6317

    This course focuses on developing critical thinking skills to solve complex and multidimensional human resource management problems. It emphasizes analyzing and discussing real cases and scenarios related to human resource disputes.

  • Employment Law and Human Resource Management MAN 6403

    This course focuses on the legal and regulatory factors surrounding human resource management. The emphasis is on creating awareness of legal risks and legal constraints when making HR business decisions.

  • High Involvement Human Resource Management MAN 6327

    This course focuses on human resource practices that motivate and empower employees by fostering their participation and involvement in organizational decision-making. Motivational and leadership theories, including participatory decision-making, self-managed teams and total quality management are reviewed.

  • Human Resource Knowledge Management MAN 6359

    This course focuses on the management and development of an organization’s human capital. Topics include the identification of learning needs in line with the corporate strategy, current and future performance problems, and individual development of a culture.

  • Human Resource Analytics MAN 6316

    This course focuses on the links between human resources and an organization’s financial plan. The processes of analyzing, benchmarking, controlling, and measuring the effectiveness of human resource programs are discussed.

  • Human Resource Strategy and Planning MAN 6385

    This course discusses strategic planning in the context of human resource management. Topics include the development of mission statements, the identification of the organization’s competitive advantage and core competencies, and the development of corporate and business strategies.

  • International Human Resource Management MAN 6626

    This course looks at decisions about how to recruit, train, compensate, and manage global employees. Topics include cross-cultural differences in values, and managing international assignments.

  • Labor Issues and Conflict Management MAN 6297

    This course offers students techniques and skills to enhance conflict management of disputes. It is designed to teach methods to manage interpersonal disputes between/among parties productively, with emphasis on building partnerships and long-term positive relationships.

  • Performance and Talent Management MAN 6347

    This course focuses on the development and implementation of effective performance management systems. Topics include the design of valid performance management measurement systems, electronic performance monitoring, diagnosing performance problems and implementation issues.

  • Reward Systems Management MAN 6336

    This course covers all aspects of compensation and reward systems, such as the strategic alignment of compensation and other HR systems, job evaluation, merit- and skill-based pay, cost-effective benefit programs, and the increasingly flexible compensation systems demanded by today’s dynamic and diverse work force.

  • Staffing Organizations MAN 6365

    This course focuses on the identification, recruitment, selection and promotion of successful employees. The development of systems that comply with regulatory issues, such as equal employment opportunity and affirmative action laws, while satisfying business goals, are covered.

  • Wellness Management MAN 6157

    This course focuses on managing employee safety, security, mental, attitudinal and health-related outcomes. It also discusses managing absenteeism, turnover, and counterproductive behavior. The course covers attitude surveys, OSHA, and security and safety audits.

Professional Development Seminars

Seminars strengthen students' marketability and competitiveness. Thus, these are mandatory, 1-3 credit courses.

  • Finance for HR Professionals (Mandatory) (1 credit)

    This professional development seminar provides a broad overview of the key financial terms, tools, and reports used in organizations. Designed for an HR audience, it focuses on the financial knowledge that is most critical for HR professionals. Through a series of tutorials and exercises, students will learn key finance terms and how to read income statements and balance sheets.

  • Select one from the following options (1 credit)

    Option 1: MAN 6356 Career Services Professional Development I

    Professional development seminar focused on interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, and networking. Students are advised by their career advisors on best practices to market themselves professionally.

    Option 2: HR Internship (1-3 credits)

    An HR internship course is required for MAN 6356 to provide an enriched learning experience. Internships are supervised by the faculty director, who interacts with the student and the employer or organization that provides them. Before the internship begins, consultation with the faculty director to secure approval is required. The internship should provide a new learning experience for the student intern (Effective Fall 2014).

  • Residency Information (Not Mandatory)

    FIU's online Master of Science in Human Resource Management program is unique from other online programs. It incorporates a face-to-face residency, which adds critical educational and networking opportunities for students to interact with classmates, alumni, faculty, and industry professionals. The annual MSHRM residency is an optional networking opportunity presented to students who want to expand their HR network and further network with the HR community. Students get to attend planned networking events to bring them closer to their university and have the opportunity to meet their peers and advisory board members.

    The residency is a 2-3 day event where online students are invited to campus to participate in a series of professional development workshops and networking opportunities together with on-campus students.

    The residency takes place in Miami, FL. The 2019 residency was hosted on campus in congruence with an HR Human Capital and Technology conference co-sponsored with IHRIM and FIU.

    Students are responsible for their personal transportation expenses; however, all other costs (lodging, meals, registrations) related to these residencies are covered by the program.