Program Memberships

FIU’s Healthcare MBA students gain access to member resources from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). You can read more about ACHE as an organization and member benefits and resources below.

Additionally, our program is a member of the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration (AUPHA) and the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association (SFHHA). Our Healthcare MBA (HCMBA) faculty generate awareness of FIU’s programs and students at AUPHA and SFHHA events to further our outstanding reputation with employers, and our faculty contribute to and partake in research and scientific writings to advance and innovate the healthcare field, health services, and community health. Finally, our faculty share relevant, timely knowledge about upcoming AUPHA and SFHHA networking events, conferences, research, and publication opportunities with HCMBA students to provide you with a plethora of options to take your learning to the next level.

  • The ACHE

    The ACHE (American College of Healthcare Executives) is an international professional organization and the self-proclaimed “professional society for healthcare leaders committed to improving health.” Founded in 1933, the ACHE exists to advance the field of healthcare particularly in the realm of leadership – executive leadership, managerial leadership, cross-institutional leadership, and more. The organization’s top values include integrityinclusiondiversitylife-long learning, and leadership

    The ACHE has over 48,000 members across 77 global chapters, including a South Florida chapter. Each chapter’s overarching goal is to help members learn how to improve holistic health for communities and individual patients. Members also gain access to networking, education, and career services and opportunities at the local level within their respective chapters.

    Students in FIU’s HCMBA program will have the opportunity to participate in the ACHE’s SFHEF annual case competition, which teaches future leaders in healthcare and healthcare business how to translate knowledge into an action plan. 

    Additionally, ACHE members can earn the prestigious and internationally renowned FACHE credential, which offers board certification in healthcare management and allows ACHE members to earn the distinguished title of Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE). 

    Finally, the ACHE and its members also contribute research and publications to the healthcare industry via the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership and the ACHE’s publishing division, the Health Administration Press.  

    • The Congress on Healthcare Leadershiphosts over 4,000 ACHE members for an education and networking event. Attendees gain access to opportunities to collaborate with and learn from top industry thought leaders on that year’s relevant and hot topics in addition to networking events to share perspectives and insights with other professionals.

    • The ACHE’s Health Administration Press (HAP)is one of the largest and most prominent publishers of books and journals on health services management, including academic textbooks. HAP also partners with AUPHA, one of the organizations we’ll discuss next.

    The ACHE Member Benefits

    In addition to networking events and professional conferences, ACHE members and FIU’s HCMBA students benefit from a wide variety of unique programs, activities, and resources such as: 

    • Access to exclusive career resources such as ACHE's online Job Center, the ACHE CareerEDGE career planning and management tool, resume review services, and interview prep services  

    • The opportunity to earn the FACHE credential 

    • Receiving complimentary print subscriptions to ACHE's publications including Healthcare Executive magazine and your choice of either the Journal of Healthcare Management or Frontiers of Health Services Management

      • Complimentary digital access to all three publications is also included for members

    • Participating in ACHE activities through local chapters, which you gain automatic membership to when you join ACHE 

    • Networking with other ACHE members through the online Member Directory and events 

    • Access to cutting-edge research studies
    • Automatic savings on books published by HAP

    • A comprehensive Web site that includes member-only services and online education

    The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) is a global, non-profit professional network for faculty, universities, colleges, individuals, and healthcare organizations devoted to improving health, healthcare services, and patient care through policy education, driving innovation, educating professional managers, and promoting excellence in health management and scholarship.

    AUPHA grew out of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation’s efforts to professionalize the management of hospitals after World War II and eventually became based out of the University of Chicago. According to their website, “AUPHA's membership includes the premier baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in health administration education in the United States, Canada, and around the world,” with its members and faculty representing over 300 academic institutions globally, including FIU.


    The non-profit South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association (SFHHA) organization and its non-profit subsidiary the South Florida Hospital Research and Education Foundation (SFHREF) both focus on health and healthcare issues directly related to the local South Florida region and communities. Both organizations’ purpose is to educate healthcare professionals and community members, facilitate collaboration, and advocate for the community’s health and needs.    

    • SFHHAspecifically serves the community by improving the efficient delivery of quality healthcare services, championing collaboration, and facilitating communication among leaders in the industry and region. 

    • SFHREFspecifically serves the community by supporting hospitals and health-related organizations in the coordination and co-sponsoring of educational programs, the conduction of research and scientific investigations, and the promotion and facilitation of gathering and exchanging healthcare information


If you have any questions regarding FIU’s HCMBA or the professional organizations associated with our program, you can register to attend a virtual information session or contact one of our program enrollment advisors.