Welcome Checklist

Congratulations and welcome to the Panther family! Follow the checklist to confirm your acceptance to FIU. We can't wait to have you here.

1. Activate your MyFIU Account & Student Portal

New students will receive a set of instructions from the Registrar Office on how to login for the first time. If you are a returning FIU student, your login information remains the same as you previously set it.

  • Panther ID: Your unique 7 digit FIU number (Example: 1234567)
  • Username Your unique combination of characters and/or numbers (Example: roary001)
  • Password: Default date of birth format: DDMonYYYY.

If you need to look up your account information, please click here.

2. Sign and Complete Important Program Documents

Access these documents here. These forms must be signed prior to orientation.

3. Finalize Your Admissions File

Your acceptance to FIU is based on the academic information that was available when the Admissions Office reviewed your application. You may have been admitted with courses in progress or unofficial test scores. Therefore, it is important that you submit official documents prior to the end of your first semester.

Residency documents: If you are seeking in-state tuition you must submit your proof of residency. Learn how to establish residency here: https://onestop.fiu.edu/student-records-myfiu/personal-records/declare-residency/

If you have already provided residency documents, there is no need to re-submit them to your Admissions Advisor. If documents submitted were not sufficient to establish Florida residency, staff members from our team will reach out to you to request additional documentation.

4. Submit Your Immunizations Record

As a prerequisite to registration, FIU requires all students comply with the following immunization policy regulations from the Florida Board of Governors regarding immunity of Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, and Meningitis.

Download all immunization forms at go.fiu.edu/immune. All forms must be signed and stamped by a physician (M.D. or D.O.), a nurse practitioner or a registered nurse and can be mailed, faxed or physically submitted to Student Health Services at your scheduled orientation date.

When emailing your form, please send it to immune@fiu.edu.

5. Health Insurance (for International Students only)

According to Florida Board of Governors and FIU policy, all International Students with F and J status are required to have medical insurance prior to registration. Proof must be submitted to the Health Compliance Office at the Student Academic Success Center (SASC Lobby), email to insurance@fiu.edu or fax to (305) 348-3336.

For more information about health Insurance, please click here.

6. You must check in upon your arrival to the U.S. ( for international students only)

In order to keep your I-20 or DS-2019 active, and to keep your status in the US, all new international students are required to check in using the New Panther Portal immediately after they arrive in the United States! (no later than 30 days after arriving).

You can upload documents, confirm your student information, and complete your mandatory information session online! You will be directed to a sign in page), where you will need to use your panther ID and password to sign in. Follow the directions on the home page very carefully and you will be done with this process easily!

You can access the check in portal here.

For more important information for international students, please visit the ISSS website here.

7. MSF Scholarship

MS in Finance Merit Scholarship

This scholarship was designed to reward individuals who have shown exemplary academic and work achievements. To know more about this scholarship and apply for it, please visit this link.

8. Orientation Week Agenda

Monday, August 19, 2024
New Student Orientation
Virtual (Via Zoom)
Meeting ID: 837 9441 2543
6:15 p.m. EST

Tuesday, August 20 & Wednesday, August 21, 2024
Finance Tutorials
Virtual (Via Zoom)
5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST

**A Texas Instruments Financial Calculator BA II Plus and a laptop is required for the Finance Tutorials.**

**Orientation week activities listed above are mandatory for all MSF students**

Class Registration

The MSF program is a lockstep/cohort program, which means that your courses will be offered on a fixed schedule, and you will be taking these courses with the same group of students throughout the entire program.

Your program manager will handle all course registrations. Please confirm that you have no holds that may prevent registration. To check your holds, please visit my.fiu.edu.

If you are logging into FIU's system for the first time your password will be in the date of birth format DDMonYYYY. Example, if you were born April 20, 1998 your default password will be 20Apr1998.

How to Pay for Classes

Federal Student Aid (domestic students only):

Prior to the payment deadline you will need to accept your Financial Aid award through the MyFIU portal. Follow the “Financial Aid — accept/decline awards” link to ensure that your award is posted as “pending financial aid” for a tuition deferment.

Personal Payments:

Tuition may be paid online with a credit card or electronic check/electronic transfer of funds through the “Make a Payment” link found under the “Finances” section of your my.fiu.edu. You can also pay by cash or check at the Student Financials Office in the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), room 101 (MMC) or AC1 140 (BBC). Self-service payment kiosks are also located in SASC.

Wire transfer payments:

FIU has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined and cost-effective payment method to send international payments. Therefore, we ask you to send all bank transfer payments through Flywire.

Third Party Billing:

A Third Party is any party that agrees to make a full or partial payment of the student’s tuition. This can be a:

  • Governmental agency
  • Non-profit association
  • Corporation
  • Military branch
  • Foreign embassy

More information about Third Party Billing.

On-Campus Services

Parking and Transportation

All vehicles parked on campus at a non-metered space are required to have a valid virtual permit, which is linked to your vehicle license plate. Please remember, head in parking only. To obtain your virtual parking permit, visit parking.fiu.edu.



Health Services

The mission of FIU’s Student Health Services is to provide affordable and accessible student-focused medical care and promote healthy lifestyles through education, mentorship and research activities. Ambulatory health care centers are located at both the BBC and MMC to serve your health care needs in a convenient and student-friendly environment.




We encourage students to make an active decision about the use of accommodations at the very start of each semester. Please register with Disability Resource Center no later than the first day of class.



Business Career Management

Career Services is dedicated to helping you make career dreams a reality. Through workshops, career assessments and partnerships with employers in South Florida and around the globe, the Business Career Management team is committed to helping you get an early start on your career path.



Wellness and Recreation

Panthers can work out their stress, challenge themselves and get into shape with recreation centers on both campuses. Each facility features state-of-the-art exercise equipment, group fitness classes, and individualized personal training. Each campus hosts intramural sports like dodgeball and soccer, offers Sport Clubs like Quidditch and Rugby, and BBC features watersports on the bay.



Panther Dining

Panther Dining offers a variety of foods and a great selection of meal plans to make dining convenient, tasty and fun. Meal plans save up to 40% + 0% sales tax, whether you live on campus or off campus. You can dine at The Fresh Food Company and 29 other restaurants and retail locations at MMC and BBC. You can buy your meal plan through financial aid at my.fiu.edu or with cash, credit/debit or six easy payments at the Panther Dining Office in GC 1215 (MMC) or at


Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

Under the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, Florida International University will, upon request, make available to students the completion or graduation rates of certificate or full-time degree-seeking students for a one-year period. Also, available upon request, are university policies regarding procedures for reporting criminal actions or other emergencies; access to campus facilities; campus law enforcement; crime prevention programs; statistics concerning arrests and the occurrence on campus of certain criminal offenses; criminal activity of off-campus student organizations, and the use, possession, and sale of illegal drugs or alcohol. This information can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.