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PhD in Business AdministrationFrequently Asked Questions

The deadline to apply to the PhD program is January 15. This deadline means all admission documents should be on file. Any missing documents after the deadline will constitute that your application is not complete and this may delay the admission process.

The application fee cannot be waived.

Every international student, irrespective of his/her country of origin and funding source must submit a DCF document to the University Graduate School certifying that the candidate will have sufficient funds to cover their expenses. Ensure you select the correct source of funding option from the checklist.

The program does not have an approximate cost, as students receive funding for the program either through a fellowship or an assistantship. However, students may calculate the approximate total cost based on the per credit fee University Graduate School provides for every academic year.

Yes, the exam may be waived if you have obtained a degree from a U.S institution or a TOEFL exempt country.

The GMAT or GRE exam is an admission requirement that cannot be waived for having years of professional experience, as experience is not an admission requirement for the program.

The assistantship will provide a stipend and tuition waiver while students pay for other associated fees.

You may submit the letter in the original language but you must submit a translated English version.

There is no separate application needed to receive the CBA. Unless you are a recipient of the Presidential Fellowship or McKnight Fellowship, you will likely have funding through the College of Business Assistantship.

Our students are not employed while pursuing the PhD program as students are completing their course work and eventually are teaching for the department.

Transcripts can only be sent hardcopy (through mail/dropped off) and softcopy (official electronic). Electronic versions are sent by the institution directly to Florida International University. An electronic version does not entail a scanned copy provided by the student.

Official transcripts of all your previously attended universities (undergraduate and graduate) must be sent in an envelope sealed by the degree granting institution. Failure to do so will constitute in the transcripts being considered unofficial.

No. You must submit official transcripts and/or proof of degree upon submitting your application.

Yes. If your score has expired because you took the exam more than five years prior, then you must retake either exam.

No. You must decide on what concentration you would like to pursue by the time you submit your application. The system will not allow you to choose two concentrations or submit two applications.

Yes. Proof of degree entails a copy of your diploma that must to be sealed provided by the degree granting institution. Proof of degree must be enclosed in its original envelope from the university, if not, they will be considered unofficial.

No. The GMAT or GRE exam must be taken before being admitted to the program. All scores must be submitted with your application and before the application deadline. Our PhD Program does not grant conditional admission.

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