Dean’s Student Advisory BoardMembership

SECTION 1. Number of Board Members

The Dean’s Student Advisory Board will consist of 8 to 15 members. The members must represent the diversity of FIU and encompass the values that hold true with the College of Business. Decisions regarding the DSAB and voting will be held to a 2⁄3 blind vote.

SECTION 2. Qualifications for Members

  • Enrollment in College of Business classes or College of Business major
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum enrollment of 12 credits per semester

*Term begins as soon as selected and ends upon graduation, resignation or impeachment.

SECTION 3. Selection of New Members

  • In order to maintain a sufficient number of members, new members will be selected as members of the board graduate, resign, or are impeached throughout the year.
  • In order to be considered for a position, candidates must submit an application.
  • The DSAB will interview the candidates with the same question format as other applicants.
  • The interview process will be completed by a committee of three people from the board.
  • Individuals in the committee will not be able to nominate new members.
  • Decisions on membership shall be made by a committee majority vote. 

SECTION 4. Impeachment

A member may be impeached due to:

  • Inactivity or excessive absences
  • Engagement in inappropriate or illegal activities
  • Behavioral instability

*The impeachment will be decided over a 2⁄3 vote by the board after discussion of the issue.

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