Intercollegiate Case CompetitionsRotman International Trading Competition

The 2012 RITC is an invitational competition involving simulated market trading cases that mimic different aspects of real world markets. This simulated trading is structured around the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) platform. The 7 cases involved in this year’s competition are Social Outcry, Sales & Trader, Quantitative Outcry, BP Canada Commodities, Quantitative & Event Driven (QED) Trading, Options Trading, and CIBC Algorithmic Trading. This three-day competition in Toronto, Canada will attract over 300 participants representing approximately 50 top universities from all over the world.

How the competition works

Each participating school will consist of a six-member team, who will compete against other teams in the seven cases. These cases will be divided into “heats” and multiple “sub-heats”. Team performance will be measured by a specific scoring and ranking methodology (which will be released prior to the start of the competition).

Who can compete

This competition is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who meet the appropriate capability requirements.

Key takeaways

This is FIU’s first invitation to participate in RITC (the only 2012 participating school from Florida). FIU’s team will be competing against schools such as Columbia University, MIT, and the University of Chicago.

Contact information

Flavio Carrillo

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