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The KPMG Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA) Case Study Competition is an extremely popular event that presents accounting students with the challenge of resolving real-world accounting issues in a collegial and competitive environment.  It provides students with the opportunity to work with KPMG advisors, better understand the demands and rewards of the accounting profession and network with finance and accounting professionals from across the United States.  KPMG/ALPFA teams are assembled during the Fall semester for a chance to compete in the KPMG/ALPHA case competition during the following Summer.

How it works

The case studies used in the competition are based on realistic accounting, finance and business issues.  Each competing team works together to identify issues and develop a research plan, develop a solution, and prepare a presentation regarding their case.  The faculty advisor’s role is to provide guidance to the team, without supplying the correct answer.

At the Competition, each competing team will give a 20-minute presentation of their case and solutions to a panel of judges who act as senior management of the Audit Committee of a client.  The panel of judges is comprised of KPMG partners, senior managers and ALPFA members who are accounting or finance professionals.  The panel will raise questions and issues during a 10 to15 minutes Q&A session following the presentation. 

At the conclusion of the presentations, the judges will select the top team that has best identified the relevant accounting and business issues and effectively presented their case and its solutions. 

Who can compete?

Teams of four to five students and a faculty advisor.  (Note: A professional advisor will be provided by KPMG once the teams are in place). Teams should be comprised of:

  • approximately 80% Latino students
  • approximately 80% Accounting majors with curriculum to support sitting for the CPA exam upon graduation 
  • one team member who is a non-accounting business major is permitted
  • primarily, undergraduate students graduating in Spring/Summer of the competition year or later
  • no more than one senior graduating in Spring or Summer of the competing academic year
  • at least one sophomore
  • actively enrolled students with a sustained minimum GPA of 3.2

Key takeaways

  • A unique opportunity to work one-on-one with KPMG advisors.
  • Real-time understanding of the demands and rewards of the accounting profession.
  • An opportunity to network with finance and accounting professionals from across the United States.
  • The top two teams from each first round competition will compete at the KPMG/ALPFA National Case Study Competition finals.
  • All expense paid trip to the ALPFA National Convention where both regional and national competition takes place.

Contact information

To learn more about the KPMG/ALPFA case competition please contact:

Gina Bretos
Phone: 305-348-0356

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