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Since 2003 the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University has participated in the real-time, fast paced Intercollegiate Graduate Case Competition.  Hosted by the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, this marathon competition tests collegiate teams’ abilities to quickly read and understand a case, research the company in question, and, prepare and present a strategic plan for the company, all in less than 24 hours! 

Participating teams from Florida International University, University of South Florida, Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University are asked to make recommendations regarding the future direction of a nationally or internationally known corporation whose identity is not revealed until the kickoff time.

How it works

In early November, the Chapman Graduate School of Business at FIU holds an in-house competition for the purposes of selecting “team FIU”.  The winning FIU team travels to Tampa, Florida to compete in the Intercollegiate Graduate Case Competition in February.   During the Competition students work on a “live case”: a situation facing a company dealing with real-time strategic and/or operating challenges and opportunities.

Identity of the case company is not revealed until the competition begins.  At the conclusion of the presentations, the judges, including top executive from the case company, will select the top team that has best identified the relevant business issues and effectively presented their case and its solutions. 

Who can compete

Teams of three and five members will be selected to represent FIU.  Final team selection will be at the sole discretion of the FIU coaching team comprised of FIU business faculty and/or local business professionals.

  • All currently enrolled graduate students are invited to apply.
  • A minimum of three years professional work experience is preferred.
  • Applicants will be expected to work well in teams and to make team decisions.
  • Team selection will be based upon a mix of degree concentration or experience in the core functional areas of management and leadership: finance/accounting, marketing, management, HR, strategic planning. 
  • Ideally, at least one member of the team should have taken, or be enrolled in, the graduate strategy and/or marketing simulation course. 

Key takeaways

The Intercollegiate Graduate Case Competition offers a unique and personally challenging opportunity to work on a real business challenge in a stressful setting:

  • an excellent networking opportunity with students from universities across the state and with corporate executives from the host company, as well as, other professionals who serve as judges
  • a “separate you from the crowd” resume entry
  • a financial award for each member of the winning teams competing at the state level
  • the winning team members’ names are engraved on a traveling plaque housed for one-full year at the “winning” team’s home university
  • a team plaque that will remain forever on display in the College of Business Administration at FIU

Contact information

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