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Since 1986-87, the Collegiate Chapters Council of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has sponsored the annual International Collegiate Case Competition. The competition is open to undergraduate teams at schools with an affiliated AMA Collegiate Chapter.  The AMA Case Competition is a semester long event that brings together top marketing students to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The Case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem for which it is looking to gain the perspective of AMA’s best students, who will compete by developing a marketing strategy in a nationally recognized competition.

How it works

At the beginning of the fall term, usually in August, a new case is submitted for the annual competition. All affiliated AMA undergraduate Collegiate Chapters are eligible to compete.  Interested Chapters must submit an Intent Form to gain access to the full Case question. Chapters must then submit an official entry form and a written case response by the December deadline.  In January, a panel of judges then reviews the entries and eight finalists are selected, along with honorable mention and semi-finalist awards to local chapters.  Judging of the finalists takes place via an oral competition at the Annual International Collegiate Conference in March of each year. The winning Chapters receive cash awards. The sponsoring company retains all of the submitted entries and proprietary marketing information submitted by competing Chapters. 

Who can compete?

Each participating team should consist of at least 10 students using the following criteria:

  • members in good standing in the undergraduate AMA @ FIU Collegiate chapter
  • currently enrolled undergraduate students
  • ALL majors are eligible
  • interest or expertise in any or all core disciplines of business (e.g., research, finance, accounting, information technology, management, and marketing/advertising)
  • graduate Students and Graduate Chapters may respond solely for the purpose of feedback
  • non-AMA members may not contribute to the case efforts

Key takeaways

  • Work together on a problem that typifies a real, working marketing situation
  • Interact one-on-one with executives of the sponsoring organization
  • test your skills as a real-world marketing consultant
  • win cash awards and plaques for your AMA Chapter

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Contact information

To learn more about the AMA International Collegiate Case Competition students should visit any of the AMA meetings or contact:

Prof. Tim Birrittella
Phone: 305-348-2751

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