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Sebastian Schuetz

Sebastian Schuetz

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, RB 205A
Miami, FL 33199



  • Ph.D. in Information Systems
    City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Areas of Expertise

  • Data breaches
  • Security controls
  • Security education, awareness, and training

Courses Taught

  • Business Telecommunication Systems
  • Information Systems Security and Compliance
  • Management of the Information Systems Function

Refereed Journal Articles

Venkatesh V., Speier C., & Schuetz S. W.


Why do people shop online? A comprehensive research model.

Information Technology & People



Schuetz S. W., Venkatesh V., & Sykes T. A.


Combating COVID-19 fake news on social media through fact checking: Antecedents and consequences.

European Journal of Information Systems

, 30(4)


Venkatesh V., Ganster D. C., Schuetz S. W., & Sykes T. A.


Risks and Rewards of Conscientiousness During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Journal of Applied Psychology

, 106(5)


Schuetz S. W., Lowry P. B., Pienta D. A., & Thatcher J. B.


Improving the design of information security messages by leveraging the effects of temporal distance and argument nature.

Journal of the Association for Information Systems

, 22(5)


Hoehle, H., Wei, J., Schuetz, S., & Venkatesh, V. (2021). User compensation as a data breach recovery action: An investigation of the Home Depot breach. Internet Research, 31(3).

Schuetz, S., & Venkatesh, V. (2020). Blockchain, adoption, and financial inclusion in India: Research opportunities. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, 52.

Schuetz, S. W., Lowry, P. B., Pienta, D. A., & Thatcher, J. B. (2020). Leveraging construals to improve fear appeals in security research and practice. Journal of Management Information Systems, 37(3).

Schuetz, S., & Venkatesh, V. (2020). Research Perspectives: The Rise of Human Machines: How Cognitive Computing Systems Challenge Assumptions of User-System Interaction. JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 21.

Foerderer, J., Kude, T., Schuetz, S. W., & Heinzl, A. (2019). Knowledge boundaries in enterprise software platform development: Antecedents and consequences for platform governance. INFORMATION SYSTEMS JOURNAL, 29.

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