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Gloria Deckard

Gloria Deckard

Associate Professor
Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, RB 258B
Miami, FL 33199

P: (305) 348-0429
E: deckardg@fiu.edu


  • PhD, Psychology
    University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Master, Public Administration
    University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene
    University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri

Courses Taught

  • Design and Management of Health Information Systems
  • Introduction to Health and Health Informatics
  • Introduction to Health Policy and Management
  • Leadership and Organization Behavior in Health Care
  • Management of Healthcare Organizations in the 21st Century
  • Organization and Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Refereed Journal Articles

Tremblay, M., Deckard, G. & Klein, R. (2016). Health Informatics and Analytics – Building a Program to Integrate Business Analytics across Clinical and Administrative Disciplines.  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 23, 824-828.

Borkowski, N., Gumus, G. & Deckard, G. (2013). Modifying physician behavior to improve cost efficiency in safety-net ambulatory settings.  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. 36 (2), 129-139.

Borkowski, N., Deckard, G., Weber, M., Padron, L. A. & Suzanne, L. (2011). Leadership development initiatives underlie individual and system performance in a US public healthcare delivery system.  Leadership in Health Services. 24 (4), 268-280.

Gumus, G., Borkowski, N. & Deckard, G. (2011). Healthcare managers’ perceptions of professional development and organizational support.  Journal of Health and Human Services Administration. 34 (1), 42-63.

Deckard, G. J., Borkowski, N., Diaz, D., Sanchez, C. & Boisette, S. (2010). Improving timeliness and efficiency in the referral process for safety net providers: Application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. 33 (2), 124-130.

Gumus, G., Borkowski, N., Deckard, G. J. & Martel, K. J. (2009). Gender differences in professional development of healthcare managers.  Leadership in Health Services. 22 (4), 329-339.


Borkowski, N. & Deckard, G. J. (2014). Case Studies in Organizational Behavior and Theory for Health Care. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

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