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Ali Gungoraydinoglu

Ali Gungoraydinoglu

Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Finance

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, RB 225B
Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-7428


  • Ph.D. in Economics
    University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
  • Master of Arts in Economics
    Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
    Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Finance

Professional Activities

Dr. Gungoraydinoglu is an Associate Teaching Professor of Finance at the College of Business. After receiving his Ph.D. degree from University of Florida, he joined University of Mississippi and the Croft Institute as Croft Assistant Professor. He joined FIU in 2012 and has been teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Gungoraydinoglu's research interests include corporate finance, international finance, international trade, fixed income securities, industrial organization, development, growth and technological change. He has published in journals such as Journal of Financial Intermediation and Journal of Corporate Finance and published several book chapters.

Courses Taught

  • Financial Economics I
  • Financial Management
  • Intermediate Finance
  • Securities Analysis

Refereed Journal Articles

Oztekin, O., & Gungoraydinoglu, A.


Financial Crises, Banking Regulations, and Corporate Financing Patterns Around the World.

International Review of Finance


(In Press)

Oztekin, O., Oztekin, I., & Gungoraydinoglu, A.


The Impact of COVID-19 and its Policy Responses on Local Economy and Health Conditions.

Journal of Risk and Financial Management

, 14(6)


Gungoraydinoglu, A., & Öztekin, Ö.


Financial Leverage and Debt Maturity Targeting: International Evidence.

Journal of Risk and Financial Management

, 14(9)


View Article

Gungoraydinoglu, A., & Oztekin, I.


The Impact of COVID-19 and its Policy Responses on Local Economy and Health Conditions.

Journal of Risk and Financial Management


Colak, G., Gungoraydinoglu, A., & Oztekin, O.


Global Leverage Adjustments, Uncertainty, and Country Institutional Strength.

Journal of Financial Intermediation

, 35, Part A(July)


Oztekin, O., Colak, G., & Gungoraydinoglu, A. (2017). Political Environment, Financial Intermediation Costs, and Financing Patterns. Journal of Corporate Finance, 44(June).

Gungoraydinoglu, A., & Oztekin, O. (2011). Firm- and country-level determinants of corporate leverage: Some new international evidence. Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(5).

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