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Yi Ju Chen

Yi Ju Chen

Teaching Professor
Department of Marketing & Logistics

College of Business
Florida International University

Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151st St, ACII 132
North Miami, FL 33181

(305) 348-2571


  • Doctor, Business Administration Management
    Argosy University, Sarasota, Florida
  • Master, Business Administration
    California State University, San Bernardino, California
  • Bachelor, Business Administration
    Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing

Professional Activities

Dr. Chen's research interest focuses on Consumer Behavior and International Marketing.

She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including classes in Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Research Methods, Marketing Strategies, International Marketing, and Corporate Simulation.

She also has extensive professional experience in project management for McWay Enterprise Cooperation, Taiwan and China, Maw Chang Optical Company, Taiwan, and the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women.

Courses Taught

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Simulation
  • International Marketing
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Channels
  • Marketing Management in the Global Environment
  • Marketing Research I
  • Marketing Research II
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Special Topics in Marketing
  • Tools for Managing Marketing Information

Refereed Journal Articles

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Chen, V. (2018). The Influence of Resale Reference Prices on Consumer Purchase Decisions. Journal of International Management Studies, 13(1). View Article

Chen, V., Chang, C., & Chiu, Y. (2018). The Effect of Perceptual Fluency and Self-Confidence on the Frames of Tourism Decisions. International Journal of Economic Research, 15(2). View Article

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Chen, Y. V., Chen, P. C., & Lin, K. T. (2012). Gender differences analysis cross-culturally in decision-making styles - Taiwanese and Americans comparison. Journal of International Management Studies, 7(1).

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