Certificate in International Trade and Investment

The International Trade and Investment Certificate Program offers you a unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to participate in the robust trade and investment opportunities present in the Miami area. You'll gain knowledge in the import/export function, franchising and licensing, managing global operations, marketing abroad and negotiating with businesspeople from other countries.

The program is open to all FIU degree-seeking undergraduate students and offers you the opportunity to complement your major field of study with an additional concentration in International Trade and Investment.

Deadline to make major changes or add minor(s)/certificate(s)

Admission dates/deadlines
Admit TermDeadlineResume Processing*
Summer 2024March 25, 2024May 15, 2024
Fall 2024June 28, 2024September 4, 2024
Spring 2025November 8, 2024January 14, 2025
  • Who should enroll?

    Any FIU degree-seeking undergraduate students who want to complement their major field of study with additional insights into international trade and investment.

  • Courses

    FIU students wishing to earn a Certificate in International Trade and Investment must apply for the certificate program and complete six of the following courses (18 credit hours) with a grade of “C” or higher in each course.

    Certificate in International Trade & Investment: 6 courses required (18 credit hours) as follows:

    Five Required Courses: (15 credit hours)

    MAN 4600 International Management
    MAN 4602 International Business
    MAN 4673 Trade Policy and Business
    MAN 4613 International Risk Assessment
    MAN 4653 Foreign Direct Investment

    Please note that some of these courses require MAN 3022 (for Non-Business majors) or MAN 3025 (for Business majors) as a perquisite.

    One Elective Course: (3 credit hours)

    FIN 4604 International Financial Management – GL
    FIN 4634 International Banking – GL
    MAN 4442 International Business Negotiations
    MAN 4633 MNC Strategy
    MAN 4956 Study Abroad in International Business
    MAR 4144 Export Marketing
    MAR 4156 International Marketing

  • Admission Requirements

    This certificate program is ONLY open to all currently enrolled undergraduate degree-seeking FIU students.

    To apply, please consult your primary advisor to ensure there is room in your graduation plan to include the certificate and have them place a note on your file. Next, submit a request by the deadline via go.fiu.edu/cbadvise. You’ll receive a response regarding the next step through the Panther Success Network (PSN).

  • Mandatory Degree Checks

    The University requires students to meet with their academic advisors before the end of the term in which they will earn 90 cumulative credit hours to conduct preliminary degree checks and develop plans that will determine the manner in which students will complete unfulfilled degree requirements. Once students and advisors complete these preliminary degree checks, any changes to student degree programs, majors, minors, or academic tracks that may have an impact on time required to complete degrees or counts of excess credit hours will require written approval from the College Dean. Please note that students who have declared dual degree or double majors as part of their program plans and do not complete the requirements of these program plans will not be eligible for refunds of excess credit hour surcharges associated with incomplete portions of their program plans.