Congratulations and welcome to the Panther family! Follow the checklist below to confirm your acceptance to FIU. You can also download this New Student Checklist of essential items to complete, for reference. We are excited to have you start your MBA journey.

  • 1. Submit PDS Fee

    In order to reserve your space, you will need to submit a $200 (non-refundable) tuition deposit within 2 weeks of your admission letter.

  • 2. Apply for Financial Aid (U.S. students only who intend to use aid)

    Complete the FAFSA online at FIU’s federal school code for the FAFSA is 009635.

    Create your Financial Student Aid (FSA) ID at

    Reuse your FSA ID every year.

    Below, you will also find some helpful guides to completing the necessary requirements for aid disbursement eligibility. 


    Students who have been admitted and completed their FAFSA application will be offered Federal Direct Loans as long as all eligibility requirements have been met. Graduate students may borrow up to a maximum of $20,500 per academic year through the Federal Direct Loan program assuming the student has not reached the federal borrowing limit of $138,500. The actual amount a student is eligible to borrow cannot exceed the program cost of attendance, minus any other assistance received.

    For additional information regarding Financial Aid, please visit the Chapman Financial Aid Webpage.

    To use financial aid at EURM you will need Grad plus loans and may need to participate in the consortium agreement process for Grad plus. Please reach out to for details.

  • 3. Complete PMBAO Online Orientation & Resource Site within Canvas

    Important Note: You are not required to RSVP to the on-campus Graduate Orientation offered by the University Graduate School office. Please feel free to disregard as it is a separate orientation from the one we require below.

    The PMBAO Orientation & Resource Site is required and designed to orient students on the program, its structure, and requirements. Complete steps 1-5 before formal course enrollment can take place.

    You will want to Setup your “ MyAccounts” User ID and password. Please visit the MyAccounts webpage to do so.

    If you are logging into FIU's system for the first time your password will be in the date of birth format DDMonYYYY. Example, if you were born April 20, 1998 your default password will be 20Apr1998. For assistance, please contact the Division of IT at 305/348-2284 or refer to their IT Help Knowledge Base webpage for assistance.

    Please visit the Canvas webpage to access your Professional MBA Online Orientation & Resource Site. Your username and password are the same as your “MyAccounts” credentials.

    Within the "Track and Specialization Quiz" under Step 2 of the course you will decide if you will do the Sports Management Specialization or the Sports Management 2nd Degree.

    Please be aware that the second degree option will require an additional course. Make sure to review the "Sports Management Track" schedule within the orientation and resource course under Step 2 for details.

    All sports management students will select Track C on Track and Specialization Quiz" under Step 2.

  • 4. Complete PMBAO Entrance Survey

    New students must also complete the required PMBA Entrance Survey within Step 3 of the orientation and resource site for enrollment eligibility.

  • 5. Finalize Your Admissions File

    This will not apply to all students, but if your acceptance to FIU is based on the academic information that was available when the Admissions Office reviewed your application. You may have been admitted with courses in progress or unofficial test scores. Therefore, it is important that you submit official documents prior to the end of your first semester.

    Residency documents: All applicants to the university are required to complete a residency classification. While residency status has no bearing on the PMBAO program tuition cost, students must be declared as either in-state or out-of-state. Upon a residency review, additional documentation may be required to support your residency claim. Additional documents may be requested via an email to the address listed on your admission application. In addition, a hold will be placed on your enrollment until your residency status is established.

    To update your initial residency classification you may complete the residency form.

    For a list of your outstanding documents please visit your MyFIU (see Access MyFIU for help logging in), then navigate to your 'To Do List' items. Failure to provide required documentation may result in a delayed enrollment.

    Learn how to establish residency by visiting the Onestop Office Declare Residency webpage.

    Students are eligible for enrollment upon timely and successful completion of all five required admission steps. Students can reasonably expect to gain access to their courses via Canvas the Friday before classes formally begin.

  • 6. Attend Your LIVE MBA Welcome Session

    More information is located within Step 3 of your orientation and resource site within Canvas.

    Attendance is required.

    Students who do not attend the Welcome Session Orientation will be unable to start and will have to choose a different start date. Please reach out to the program for any questions at

How to Register for Classes

The program will handle all course registrations. Please confirm that you have no holds that may prevent registration. To check your holds, please visit your MyFIU student portal.

If you are logging into FIU's system for the first time your password will be in the date of birth format DDMonYYYY. Example, if you were born April 20, 1998 your default password will be 20Apr1998.

All sports management students must complete the FERPA release form: FERPA form

Step 1: Enter date, full name, and PID at the top. Select Consent for Full Access.

Step 2: Select Long Term Use (one year)

Step 3: The purpose for the authorization is the release of transcripts to our partner school (EURM-UE).

Step 4: The agency that will receive the transcripts is Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid – Universidad Europea.

Step 5: Sign/date the form and include a copy of your valid photo ID in the submission. Typed signatures will not be accepted.


Students in the PMBAO Program will be registered for courses by the departmental staff prior to the beginning of each term after successful completion of steps one through five, listed above. This is a lockstep/cohort program, which means that your courses will be offered on a fixed schedule, and you will be taking these courses with the same group of students throughout the entire program. Your program manager will register you for classes and will send you an email when it is time to submit your tuition payment, due at the start of each new term.

Enrollment for EURM courses will take place through Real Madrid Graduate School — Universidad Europea (EURM UE).

EURM will need additional documents for registration purposes, please send any requested EURM documents to:

How to Pay for Classes

Financial Aid

Domestic Students: Prior to the payment deadline you will need to accept your Financial Aid award at MyFIU. Follow the “Financial Aid — accept/decline awards” link to ensure that your award is posted as “pending financial aid” for a tuition deferment by clicking on the most current academic year.

Other Payment Options

Online Payments: Tuition may be paid online with a credit card or electronic check/electronic transfer of funds through the “Make a Payment” link found under the “Finances” section of your  MyFIU student portal.

In-Person Payments: You can also pay by cash or check at the Student Financials Office in the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), room 101 (MMC) or AC1 140 (BBC). Self-service payment kiosks are also located in SASC.

Wire transfer payments: FIU has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined and cost effective payment method to send international payments. Therefore, we ask you to send all bank transfer payments through Flywire at least two weeks before the payment deadline.

It is important to note that the PMBAO program does not qualify for the university payment plan option due to the accelerated nature of the program. You will want to reach out to your Student Experience Program Manager for more information at

EURM tuition will be paid directly to EURM, you will receive an email to your FIU email with instructions.

Sports Management Students are not eligible for the performance scholarship. For other scholarship opportunities, please visit:



  • FIU Onecard

    The FIU One Card, your official FIU student ID, identifies you as an enrolled FIU Online student and grants you access to select benefits and numerous resources, events and discounts, both on and off-campus. You will be receiving communication from the FIU One Card office including information and instructions on how to obtain yours using an online application process to your FIU email sometime after the first week of classes.

    Access the FIU One Card Types site for more information.

  • Textbooks

    Visit about a month prior to each new quarter to find textbook Information.

    The link is updated about a month before each start. We recommend you add the link to your favorites.

    For EURM classes, please contact for textbook details.

  • WHITE WEEK (optional)

    Exclusive event for the students, one week of unique conferences and experiences at the Real Madrid CF facilities featuring the leading professionals from the Sports Industry, professional sportsmen/women and Real Madrid CF Executives.

    The students participating in white week will receive email communications to their FIU email with more details. White Week will take place In May.

  • Parking and Transportation |  305-348-3615

    For students wishing to use on-campus resources, all vehicles parked on campus at a non-metered space are required to have a valid virtual permit which is linked to your vehicle license plate. Please remember, head in parking only. To obtain your virtual parking permit, visit

  • Business Career Management |  305-348-7396

    Career Services is dedicated to helping you make career aspirations a reality. Through workshops, career assessments and partnerships with employers in South Florida and around the globe, the Business Career Management team is committed to helping you get an early start on your career path.

Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

Under the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, Florida International University will, upon request, make available to students the completion or graduation rates of certificate or full-time degree-seeking students for a one-year period. Also, available upon request, are university policies regarding procedures for reporting criminal actions or other emergencies; access to campus facilities; campus law enforcement; crime prevention programs; statistics concerning arrests and the occurrence on campus of certain criminal offenses; criminal activity of off-campus student organizations, and the use, possession, and sale of illegal drugs or alcohol. This information can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Online Tools & Resources

  • What tools do I need to be successful in online classes?

    PMBAO courses are taught using the learning management system, Canvas, and include a variety of multimedia tools and resources. To ensure you can successfully access the necessary tools, you will need access to a standard PC or Mac desktop/laptop computer with a webcam, headset and microphone.

    Courses are best viewed using a high-speed Internet connection and the browsers Firefox or Chrome, which can be downloaded for free online. Linux is not supported. Run this browser check to ensure Canvas will support your browser and operating system.

  • What orientations are available?

    FIU Online offers a variety of different tutorials to assist you in managing the Canvas environment efficiently and successfully. Many can be found on their webpage at:

    Canvas support articles offer a range of support categories that include the below:

    1. Canvas Basics
    2. Assignments & Quizzes
    3. Communication & Collaboration
    4. Grades
    5. Tools

    TThe PMBAO Program also hosts a required live Welcome Zoom Orientation Session the week before classes begin for new students. The link to the session is located on the homepage of your PMBAO Orientation & Resource Site within Canvas.

    Important Note: You are not required to RSVP to the on-campus Graduate Orientation offered by the University Graduate School office. Please feel free to disregard.

Student Support & Resources

Student Finances

  • When is payment due? Where can I find how much I owe?

    Payment is due at the beginning of each new semester (term). Detailed payment schedules for each track option are located under step 1 of the PMBAO Orientation & Resource Site within Canvas. Please note that the plan of study/payment schedule in the orientation course is specific to the default specialization of International Business, but that the payment breakdown remains the same across all specializations and the track you intend to follow.

    A student’s official plan of study/payment schedule will differ based on their preferred specialization and track selection. A detailed plan of study/payment schedule is included in the confirmation email sent upon enrollment of classes for a student’s first quarter.

    The plan of study/payment schedule provides students with a detailed breakdown of due dates and amounts due each semester.

    It is important to note that the PMBAO program does not qualify for the university payment plan option due to the accelerated nature of the program. You will want to reach out to your Student Experience Program Manager for more information at

  • Whom should I contact for Financial Aid inquiries?

    The Chapman Graduate School of Business has a dedicated Financial Aid team. Their contact information is or 305/348-8045.

Enrollment & Academics

  • What is considered full-time enrollment?

    Full-time enrollment at the graduate level is considered nine (9) credit-hours per semester in the Fall and Spring semesters, and (6) credits in the Summer semester.

  • How much time do I have to complete a Master's degree?

    Master’s level students have six years to complete their degree.

  • When do my credits expire?

    Master’s level credits expire after six years (if degree is not earned). If the degree is earned, they never expire.

  • How many credits can I transfer into a Master's program?

    Graduate students may transfer up to six credits from another institution. For more information, please refer to

  • When are classes offered?

    PMBAO offers five start dates each year. There are two starts during the spring semester, two during fall and one over the summer. Please check your plan of study/payment schedule attached to the enrollment confirmation email upon enrollment of classes for your first quarter for specific class start dates. Students can expect to gain access to their courses as early as the Friday before the first day of class each quarter.

  • How do I register?

    The Professional MBA Online program is cohort & lockstep based. Thus, enrollment is restricted to the program staff only. The program will enroll students automatically via a fixed schedule, approximately a month prior to each new semester (fall, spring, and summer). Any drop/withdraw requests must be made to the program directly by the student and must be in writing by completing the drop/withdraw e-form. Once the necessary form is complete, the program will be able to proceed with the student’s request.

  • Are there important deadlines that I should be aware of?

    There are various deadlines to be aware of to ensure success in the program. For a list of important payment and drop deadlines, please refer to Resources tab of your PMBAO Orientation & Resource Site for a list of important deadlines.

    Important deadlines that you need to be aware of for your courses are within your course syllabus each quarter.

  • When can I see the syllabus?

    The course syllabus for each course you take becomes available as early as the Friday before the first day of classes each quarter where you can then access the course syllabus. However, you can always reach out to your instructor in advance and inquire if the syllabus is ready. If so, you can proceed to ask if the instructor is willing to provide you with a copy of your syllabus in advance.

  • Who should I contact for academic questions regarding my courses and assignments?

    Your instructor and academic coach should be your first point of contact with any academic concerns regarding your courses, i.e. grade inquiries, exam/assignment deadlines and extensions, course concerns, IN grade requests, etc.

  • Are there specific due dates?

    Typically, assignments and/or class activities are due on a weekly schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to meet set due dates, including scheduling and completing any team-based tasks. You will want to refer to your course syllabus for more information.

  • How much time can I expect to devote to the course(s)?

    Students should anticipate dedicating 10 to 15 hours a week. This will depend on the number of courses you are taking, as well as your background in the subject matte

  • Do I need to login on certain days?

    One of the benefits of completing your degree online is flexibility. A few courses may require specific log-on times for certain activities, assignments or exams, but most courses have designated due dates. The student determines when to log on to complete said assignments by the due date. Some assignments and tests may only be available for a limited time (such as a 48-hour period), so students should plan accordingly to complete assignment(s) at some point within the designated period.

  • Do I have to attend campus for any reason?

    No, the PMBAO program is a fully online program. Students are not required to come to campus for any reason unless they wish to use the on-campus resources such as the library, gym, study rooms, etc. It is important to note that to use the on-campus resources, students must acquire an FIU OneCard.

  • Am I entitled to an FIU OneCard, even if I am part of a fully online program?

    As an FIU student, you can obtain a student ID from the FIU One Card Office.

  • How do I check my FIU Email?

    FIU provides an email account to all students. It is university policy that an FIU email account be the official channel of email communication to all students. This involves any inquiries and requests towards a student’s account. PMBAO students should expect to utilize and receive emails directly to their FIU account.

    Google powers your FIU Email account. Before you log in, please ensure that you have set up your MyAccounts username and password.

    To access your FIU email account, please visit and sign in using your user ID and password.

    If you're not sure what your official FIU email address is, please follow these steps:

    1. Sign into MyAccounts.
    2. Click on the Change Password tab.
    3. Locate the User ID box located to Account Type “FIU Panthermail”. That is your primary email address username. Your email will be that username, followed by
  • How long will it be until I graduate?

    Graduation depends on the track in which you have chosen.

    1. Track A – Program duration is approximately 2 ½ years.
    2. Track B – Program duration is approximately 1 year and 9 months.
    3. Track C – Program duration is approximately 1 year and 6 months.

    *Students who deviate from their initial schedule may prolong their graduation*


  • What assistance does FIU offer to students who need extra academic support?

    If you are like most PMBAO students, then you are probably a working adult, and maybe it has been some time since you took a college-level class. Have no fear! The PMBAO program is specifically designed for adult learners. You will have access to an academic coach, in addition to your instructor who will support you through each course, and help answer many of your questions. Your instructors strive to be very understanding, supportive, and easy to contact. There are also other numerous academic resources available to the fully online student. Various resources can be found on our Tutoring & Additional Resources Guide. For additional questions or concerns, you can also contact the Student Experience team at

Commencement & Graduation FAQs

  • Is there a commencement ceremony?

    PMBAO students are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremonies. Prior to confirming their attendance to the ceremony, however, they must apply for graduation during their last semester in the program. Students can apply via their MyFIU student portal under ACADEMICS. The program will email students as a reminder, during their final term in the program. Before applying for graduation, students should perform a grad check, which can be done by checking their "Panther Degree Audit" under "Academics" via their MyFIU student portal.

    Commencement ceremonies are three times a year (fall, spring, and summer). Students should check the Commencement Guide at, to find the time of their commencement during their final semester. Each commencement ceremony lasts approximately two hours. In order to participate, the student must confirm their participation to their corresponding ceremony. Students can expect further details via email by the program, during their final term in the program.

  • What will my diploma reflect upon graduation?

    Your diploma will reflect a Masters of Business Administration.

  • When can I expect to receive my diploma?

    FIU will mail students diplomas to their home address listed via their MyFIU portal approximately eight to ten weeks after graduation, so long as there are no holds on the students account.

  • How can I check if I have any holds on my account?

    Students can check for any holds on pending “To-Do” items via their MyFIU portal.