Master of International Business Administration/Master of Business Administration Joint Degree Pathway

The MIB and MBA programs in the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business at Florida International University offer a joint degree pathway culminating in both a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), and a Master in International Business (MIB). Under the joint degree  pathway, a student can obtain both degrees in significantly less time than it would take to obtain both degrees if pursued consecutively. The joint degree pathway will use existing faculty, courses, and resources. Important criteria relating to the joint degree pathway are as follows:

  1. Candidates to the joint degree pathway must meet the entrance requirements established by each individual program.
  2. Applications for a joint degree pathway will not be accepted from candidates who have already completed either degree. MBA or MIB students must apply and be admitted no later than the second to last semester in which they are expected to complete their original degree requirements.
  3. Candidates must satisfy all requirements for each degree. The two degrees will have four common courses. All courses transferred between degrees must be completed with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. MIB courses transferred to meet MBA elective credit and vice versa must be 6000 level courses approved by the University Curriculum Committee. Directors of the MBA and MIB degree programs may adjust these exact course requirements as a result of future changes to the MBA or MIB curriculums.

3.1.  To obtain the MIB degree, MBA students who have finished their core courses, must complete a total of 36 credit hours as follows:

In the MIB program (24 credits hours):

  1. Joint degree pathway candidates will not receive either degree until all requirements for both programs have been satisfied. Students deciding against completing a second degree must satisfy all first degree program requirements as if the student had never been a joint degree candidate.
  2. With the joint degree pathway students will take a total of 70-79 credit hours (depending on prerequisites) to get both degrees. Without the joint degree pathway students will need to take 82-91 credit hours (depending on prerequisites) to get both degrees. Thus, MBA students who have taken twelve credits of MIB common courses may obtain an MIB degree with an additional 24 credits. MIB students who have taken twelve credits of the MBA classes, may obtain an MBA degree with an additional 34-43 credits (depending on prerequisites).
ACG 6255International Accounting3
MAN 6617Managing Global Production and Technology3
MAR 6158International Marketing3
MAN 6606International Business Environment3
International Business Elective3
International Business Elective3
MAN 6679Master's Project in International Business3
MAN 6601International Management3
MAN 6930AMaster's Seminar in Management 11
MAN 6930BMaster's Seminar in Management 21
MAN 6930CMaster's Seminar in Management 31

From the MBA program (12 credit hours) will be transferred as follows:

BUL 6810

Legal Environment3
FIN 6644Global Financial Strategy3
MAN 6726Strategic Management3
MAN 6606International Business Environment3
International Business Elective3

(the one different from MIB program)

3.2.  To obtain the MBA degree, MIB students who have finished their core  courses, must complete a total of 46 to 55 credits hours (depending on prerequisites) as follows:

From the MBA program (34-43 credit hours):

Three prerequisite courses, unless waived (9) credits

ACG 6026

Accounting for Managers
ECP 6705Managerial Economics
QMB 6357CBusiness Analysis for Decision Making
MAN 6209Organizational Design and Behavior3
FIN 6406Corporate Finance3
ACG 6175Financial Reporting and Analysis3
MAN 6830Organization Information Systems3
MAN 6501Operations Management3
MAR 6816Corporate Simulation3
MAR 6805Marketing Management in the Global Environment3
MAN 6703Colloquium in Managing Organizational Ethics3
MAN 6356PDS I1
Elective 13
Elective 23
Elective 33

From the MIB program (12 credit hours) will be transferred as follows:

BUL 6850

International Business Law3
FIN 6644Global Financial Strategy3
MAN 6606International Business Environment3
MAN 6635International Business Policy3

For additional information, contact the MIB office at (305) 348-3279