Powerful, Global, Experience-driven.

The demands of the evolving economy are shaping new challenges for senior business leaders. The Professional MBA for Executives program answers new challenges by incorporating a thematic curriculum focusing on experience-driven learning, organized around the following themes:

  • Functional and Technical Tools
  • Critical/Integrative Thinking
  • Personal/Organizational Leadership
  • Big Data/Analytics
  • Global Mindset
  • Digital Transformation

Your MBA for Executive experience begins with a team-building residency featuring a series of dynamic decision-making and problem-solving exercises. From there, you will embark on a journey that will accelerate your skill sets in traditional management challenges and global competitive issues.

Program Schedule

16 months at a glance - beginning each August

Enter the program as a proven leader- emerge as a visionary with global perspective and leadership skills to lead your organization into the next industrial revolution.


  • Semester I

    FALL A

    • QMB6357 Business Analysis for Decision Making
    • ACG6026 Accounting for Managers
    • ISM6930 Special Topics in Management Information Systems: Data Visualization

    FALL B

    • FIN6446 Competitive Strategy
    • MAR6805 Marketing in a Global Environment
    • MAN6357 Impactful Business Communications I
  • Semester II


    • FIN6406 Corporate Finance
    • ISM6021 Management of Information Systems
    • MAN6891 Leadership I


    • ACG6175 Financial Reporting and Analysis
    • MAN6245 Organizational Behavior
    • MAN6892 Leadership II
  • Semester III


    • MAN6893 Leadership III
    • ISM6930 Digital Business Transformation
    • MAN6358 Impactful Business Communications II
  • Semester IV

    FALL A

    • MAN6679 Master’s Project in International Business
    • MAN6636 Global Megatrends, Geopolitics

    FALL B

    • BUL6890 Special Topics in Business Law: International Regulations
    • MAN6726 Strategic Management

1  The international trip is a mandatory component of the program. The fee for the trip varies by location and is an additional, out of pocket cost approximating $3,000.