• Accounting for Managers - ACG6026

    Presentation of the nature, techniques and uses of accounting from the perspective of people who manage businesses and investments in businesses. Covers both financial and management accounting.

  • Business Cybersecurity Data Visualization and Reporting - ISM6419

    Concepts and practical applications of data visualization techniques to uncover hidden patterns of data, identify emerging vulnerabilities and attacks, and manage business cybersecurity risk.

  • Business Statistical Analysis - QMB6357

    Review of quantitative methods and techniques required for business analysis and decision making. Includes decision models, mathematical programming, statistics and forecasting.

  • Competitive Strategy - FIN6446

    Provision of tools for managerial decision-making in a variety of competitive environments including demand analysis, short- and long-run costs of production, demand for factors, market structure and competitive strategy.

  • Cybersecurity Governance and Strategy - ISM6576

    The course focuses on the cybersecurity leadership issues and the development of cybersecurity governance and strategies that align with IT and business strategies.

  • Corporate Finance - FIN6406

    In-depth examination of asset, liability and capital structure management, with emphasis on valuation capital budgeting techniques; risk evaluation; working capital management; and methods of short-term, intermediate and long-term financing.

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis - ACG6175

    Comprehensive treatment of analysis of financial statements as aid for decision making; looks at current state of financial reporting practices and impact of published statements on economic systems.

  • Information Security: Ethics, Regulation and Compliance - ISM6326
    Provides knowledge and skills needed to protect enterprise assets by mitigating IS/IT related security risks. An exposure to IS/IT security-related laws, regulations, and compliance is also provided.
  • Information Security Management - ISM6328

    Provides knowledge and skills needed to protect enterprise assets by mitigating IS/IT related security risks. Includes application of telecommunication technology and concepts

  • International Business - MAN6608

    This course examines the environmental variables affecting international operations, trade and investment theories, international institutions and regional economic groups. It also focuses on international finance, international accounting, international marketing, and international management problems and issues.

  • Organizational Behavior - MAN6245

    Individual, interpersonal, and small group behavior in complex organizations. Focus on behavior, its causes, and management interventions to improve organizational effectiveness. Research methods to study organizational behavior.

  • Project Management - ISM6316

    Examination of defining characteristics of projects and introduces a variety of relevant techniques. Includes project manager functions like managing scope, time, quality, and cost.

  • Protecting and Defending Business Digital Assets - ISM6327

    This course covers the technical controls needed to enforce security policy and manage cybersecurity risks to secure information systems and digital assets for business.

  • Secure Cloud Computing and Virtualization Management - ISM6267

    The course focuses on the concepts and best practices of secure cloud infrastructure and standards critical to design, implement, deliver, and manage secure cloud services and virtualization.

  • Security Risk Management and Organizational Resilience - ISM6575

    This course covers the principles of risk management for cybersecurity, and examines tools and mechanisms for assessing, controlling and transferring cybersecurity risks to ensure business continuity.