Path for Other Business Majors

Students who have a business degree with a major other than accounting, or those with a Bachelor of Accounting degree from overseas* may receive a conditional admission to the Master of Accounting program (MACC) pending completion of the following pre-requisite courses.

  1. ACG 5137 Standards and Principles of Financial Accounting
  2. ACG 5395 Seminar in Management Accounting
  3. ACG 5806 Seminar in Financial Accounting
  4. TAX 5875 Seminar in Taxation
  5. ACG 5627 Systems Auditing

The total cost of the five courses is $7,500** plus fees. Upon successful completion of these courses and maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, students are eligible to apply for the MACC program, with the undergraduate accounting requirement waived.

*The CPA exam in Florida requires three credits in Business Law, which is not included in the prerequisites or the Master of Accounting curriculum.

**No federal loans are available for the pre-requisite courses.

This path is offered fully online each summer and fall terms. 

Summer (May)Online16 weekFully Online
Fall (August)Online16 weekFully Online

The academic requirements to enroll in these courses are the same as for the Master of Accounting.  

Application & Requirements.

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We are currently accepting applications for the pre-requisite courses that start in fall 2024.

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