Specially designed for professionals who aren’t just leaders -- but also managers, this dynamic program is led by seasoned business leaders. The program develops personal leadership, strategic decision-making, change management, project management and communication skills. This engaging, fast-paced six-week certificate program isn’t simply about learning to inspire and lead others, but also knowing how to help your team(s) achieve goals.

Who Will Benefit

Early and mid-career managers, entrepreneurs, professionals who want to move into management positions.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a personal vision as a leader and manager
  • Understand leadership and management and their drivers for success
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills and learn how to identify all relevant information when making business decisions
  • Discover opportunities in unstable environments and capitalize on them using change management best practices
  • Discover the differences between trust, credibility, and respect and how they contribute to your ability to lead
  • Learn project management best practices to enable adaptability, efficiency, and innovation in extreme uncertainty
  • Master the art of persuasion by developing exceptional communication skills

Please note: This course is part of the program of study for the Certificate of Mastery in Business Management.

General Information/Custom Programs: FIU Business Executive Education can create custom training programs specific to the needs of your organization. Please connect with us by submitting the inquiry form below or contact us 305.348.4217 or fiuExecEd@fiu.edu.

Develop personal leadership, strategic decision-making, change management, project management and communication skills.

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Schedule & Registration

Sept. 12 to Oct. 17, 2024
Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Virtual, Live via Zoom / Instructor-Led
Training/Contact Hours: 12

Your program fee includes:

  • Digital Access to FIU Educational Materials
  • Digital Access to FIU Instructional Resources
  • Florida International University Certificate of Completion

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Developing Personal Leadership

Years ago, companies were hiring managers and leaders--but they were not necessarily the same people. Today every manager is expected to be not only an effective leader, but also a coach and mentor. Most of us are comfortable on one side or the other in the leadership/management balance. Learning how to develop your own leadership style while building and balancing leadership, management and mentoring skills will be the focus for this introspective and insightful session.

Trust, Credibility and Respect

With our current reality and global economy revolving around relationships and partnerships, the ability to establish, cultivate and restore trust with our colleagues, employees, vendors, and customers is an essential leadership competency. There is a growing need to build trust in our organization and to find ways to engage our employees more fully so they might resist the temptation to “jump ship” to another organization that offers a more rewarding and trusting work environment.

Communication to Lead

Leaders ask questions and then listen with their eyes, their ears, and their hearts to build bridges of understanding. In this module we practice the tools that close the communication loop and ensure that our message has been received and understood. We discuss the roles and responsibilities of leaders as communicators. After completing this module, we will demonstrate effective questioning and listening skills as well as a formula to present our ideas in a way that will connect with and inspire those we lead.

Strategic Decision Making

Strategic decision making is a critical leadership and professional skill used to set priorities, direct resources, improve operations, ensure that employees or other stakeholders are working toward common goals, and assess and adjust the organization’s focus in response to a changing world. This session will to help leaders develop a holistic perspective and the ability to consider all relevant information when making business decisions.

Change Management

Our constantly-evolving business environment can also pose fantastic opportunities--if we develop the ability to lead intelligently using efficient change management best practices. Successful change management will create a confident culture that creates engagement, awareness and ownership of the organization's goals. In this eye-opening session, leaders will learn how to recognize and capitalize on inherent opportunities that lead to transformation.

Project Management

Understanding how to properly plan and manage projects within an organization is a crucial capability for any leader. Discover how successful project managers juggle leading and motivating while controlling. The objective of this session is to understand the key role of the project manager in delivering projects on time and under budget through best practices, templates and case studies.


  • Developing Personal Leadership
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Trust, Credibility and Respect
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Communication to Lead

Financial Assistance & Discounts

FIU Executive Education programs are designed to enhance your management skills and boost your career success. Because our certificate programs are non-credit and do not lead to a degree, they do not qualify for traditional student financial aid. However, financial assistance is available in a variety of methods:

  • Private student loans are available for our programs through SallieMae. We strongly recommend participants submit their loan application at least eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the program to ensure completion of the loan. 

    To apply for a SallieMae loan, please follow the steps below:

    • Notify us via email at fiuexeced@fiu.edu – Please provide your full name, telephone number and the course you wish to take.
    • Visit SallieMae SMART Option Loan to finalize your loan application process:
      • From the home page, choose “Career training student loan”
      • Under “Degree/certificate of study” choose “Certificate”
      • Under “Major/specialty” choose “Continuing Education”
    • Apply for the loan to match the exact program fee.
    • Once your loan is approved and certified, we will notify you with next steps.
    • We periodically offer special discounts via the FIU Executive Education newsletter. To sign up please register here
    • FIU Alumni, Students and Staff: 10% discount available:
      • Please email us at fiuexeced@fiu.edu prior to registering for your program, to obtain your discount code.
      • Please be sure to use your  @fiu.edu email address when registering. 
    • Group Discount for Organizations: 15% discount is available to companies and organizations registering a minimum of three (3) employees. Please contact us via email at fiuexeced@fiu.edu so we may guide you through the registration process.
  • Employer Education Benefits: Ask your employer if it provides education benefits to employees. In many cases and under certain conditions, employers may offer up to $5,250 in tuition/fee assistance to employees tax-free. For more information and latest updates, visit or ask your employer to visit this IRS web site.

    Training Grants for Employers: Employers may qualify for employee training grants from the state of Florida. These grants are used to help employers pay the cost of training and re-skilling employees. For more information, visit CareerSource Florida.

  • Check this section regularly for updates on scholarships and grants available to FIU Executive Education learners.

    PEO Program for Continuing Education: Grant of up to $3,000 to women whose education was interrupted and who now seek a degree or certificate that leads to employment.

  • For general information regarding Financial Aid (FAFSA) or the Veterans GI Bill, please contact FIU Financial Aid at onestop.fiu.edu or Veterans Affairs at veterans@fiu.edu.

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